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About Us

In 2000 baramundi software AG was founded. The company develops and markets the endpoint management software baramundi Management Suite. The solution optimizes IT management processes by automating routine tasks and providing an extensive overview of the status of all endpoints.

The baramundi Management Suite is suitable for companies of all sizes and industries. That was also the goal with the first design: to be flexible, to minimize dependencies – and to maintain open partnerships. We are happy that we have now had the opportunity to become acquainted with many like-minded people, as companies, partners and employees. 

We currently have more than 140 employees and the support of an experienced board of directors. 

"What does baramundi mean?"

“baramundi” sounds familiar to many people on first contact. Not surprising, as it is derived from the Spanish “para el mundo" which means "for the world." This is exactly what we are about: offering a solution for our customers’ world. To understand the worlds of our customers and recognize what really matters we try to imagine ourselves in the world in which they live and work, and then provide a nearly perfect solution for an aspect of this world. With this in mind, we continue working in the hopes that someday we will be able to scratch the “nearly" qualifier.


Time spent at work is part of life. We are very aware of this. In fact, this knowledge is behind our dealings with employees, with partners and with customers. Anyone who works with and for us will find quality and space for their very personal values and goals in the working world as well. Anyone who works with our products is entitled to our best efforts.

Whether our best is exactly what you expect is a judgment only you can make. We would be happy to provide you with all the necessary information, offer you a live demonstration of how the baramundi Management Suite works and answer all of your questions in detail. But software isn't everything. You would probably also like to know with whom you are dealing. Facts and figures about our company provide you with additional information to help you make your decision.

Growth that's self-driven

baramundi has constantly been growing since the time of its founding – growth that is rooted in internal resources, not outside financing. A solid foundation is the ideal basis for a healthy business, which is why "going public" is not a problem for baramundi. And this will remain the case for the foreseeable future.

In the annual internal rating in accordance with Basel II, baramundi achieves a 1.0 or an "A" according to the "school grading" system. And Standard & Poor's gave baramundi a "very good" rating in the investment grade category.

Mission Statement

As a cutting-edge provider of endpoint management software systems, we help our customers to be more successful. We create lasting added value for our customers with our innovative strength and our performance orientation.