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From Jedi Knights to Sysadmins: Luke Skywalker and Everyday IT Life

22. November 2023, Avatar of Andreas KlareAndreas Klare

One of the most famous movie heroes undoubtedly is Luke Skywalker, the young Jedi Knight who fights evil and becomes a symbol of hope. Although Luke's life takes place in a galaxy far, far away, there are parallels between his journey and the everyday life of an IT administrator.

In short

  • IT administrators and Luke Skywalker both have to solve unexpected problems.
  • Jedi knights and IT professionals undergo long training to develop their skills and keep up with ever-changing demands.
  • Whether working for galactic peace and freedom or secure and stable IT infrastructure, both want to keep their respective universes in balance.

Editor’s note: This is the fourth episode in our series highlighting the interesting parallels between everyday IT life and the Star Wars saga. In Episode 3, we compared Darth Vader with hackers.

In the corner of a nearby digital galaxy, where data streams rush by like stars during hyperspace travel, our IT administrator enters the control room. A flickering holographic image reveals an ominous message warning of a serious threat. We see our sysadmin standing like a vigilant Jedi knight silhouetted against the glare of a computer screen, deftly using a keyboard instead of a lightsaber to display the complex inner workings of the network. With a quick glance we could easily believe we’re seeing Luke Skywalker. We make the comparison between IT admins and the Jedi hero partly for fun and partly to place the day-to-day like as a sysadmin in a context that both IT and non-technical people can relate to. I’ll explain below.

Always ready for the unexpected

Luke Skywalker and IT professionals are each drawn into unexpected adventures. Luke is guided by Obi-Wan Kenobi to use the Force to save the galaxy, while IT admins often have to use their knowledge and experience to handle unforeseen challenges. They must be ready to troubleshoot and quickly solve system failures, critical vulnerabilities, software crashes and other problems. While Luke has to traverse the galaxy to save the day, IT admins can navigate directly to a system in need with the help of a ticketing system.

From Padawan to Master: How IT professionals develop their skills

Both Luke Skywalker and IT professionals have to develop their skills over time. Like Padawans, IT admins must undergo extensive and continuous training to increase their knowledge.

IT admins especially must keep up with rapid advances in technology and ever-changing cyber threats. Dealing with the unknown in a confident and flexible manner is their key to success. Just as a Jedi must master the lightsaber to repel enemies, IT admins must become proficient with tools like Vulnerability Scanner, Remote Desktop and Defense Control to protect their network, data and users.

Tough problems require powerful solutions: How IT administrators save the day

Jedi knights are legendary for their ability to restore balance to the Force and solve a range of problems. IT administrators share that ability as they think quickly and creatively to resolve network outages, security incidents, software crashes and system limitations. This may mean using innovative network analysis or cybersecurity tools, developing automation scripts or implementing efficient backup strategies. A UEM solution is an essential addition to an admin's tool belt because it provides the IT equivalent of a lightsaber and the Force.

Luke Skywalker and sysadmins – heroes with a common mission

Luke Skywalker and IT admins may very different and unrelated at first glance. But they each play a vital and sometimes heroic role in their respective galaxies. We can learn from Luke Skywalker’s epic quest for justice, integrity and stability and apply those values in our jobs as IT administrators. May the Force be with you as you manage your everyday IT challenges!

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