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Amalfi Technology Consulting Ltd

Competence Center in Camberley

Company profile

Amalfi Technology Consulting Ltd is a privately-owned company in its fifth year of trading providing high grade cyber security, IT services, data protection and GDPR consultancy. Our qualifications include, but are not limited to, honours degrees in Computer Science, Physics, Electronics, A+, Security+, Linux+, Novell CNE, MCSE, Citrix CCAA, Lotus CLP and CCNA.

We have a combined 100+ years of experience in technology including, but not limited to, engineering, systems administrator, IT Manager, CTO/CISO, Security Analyst, presales, support, Data Protection Officer.

The company was born out of a frustration by its founder at the poor quality of advice and services offered to SME customers and most annoyingly the false claims of wide boy salesmen to hook SME prospects.

Our guiding mantra is one of openness, honesty and integrity which comes from our technical background. We are not natural salesmen, just great techies.

Over 50% of our business comes from referral which we believe is testament to our knowledge and service.

Our customers range from small companies for whom we provide a full IT service through mid to large corporates for whom we provide solutions and services; all with the unique Amalfi openness, honesty and transparency.



    • Virtual CISO and DPO
    • GDPR, PECR and Compliance
    • Managed Security
    • Internal Fraud Prevention
    • Penetration Testing
    • Security Awareness Training
    • IT Support and Maintenance
    • Cloud Cost and Performance Optimisation
    • The ‘IT Sanity Check’ for CEO’s


    • Automated Real-Time Penetration Testing
    • Attacker and Insider threat Detection
    • Email Phishing Testing, Prevention and Training
    • Email, File and Cloud Encryption
    • Anti-Malware
    • Email, File, One Drive and SharePoint Archiving
    • OS and Application Containerisation
    • Unified Endpoint Management


    Amalfi Technology Consulting Ltd
    25 Watchetts Drive
    GU15 2PQ Camberley
    United Kingdom

    E-Mail :

    Tel : +44 333 577 8600

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    Mr. Stephen Lark

    Tel : +44 333 577 8600