IT Map

IT Map

IT Maps Ensure Transparency

Control Network Topologies

The Challenge

The number of network devices in a company can quickly grow to several hundred, partcularly in large IT environments. In order to maintain an overview of this and to be able to completely document your own IT architecture, you must:

  • Find any network devices in the company network that are not managed and/or documented by the IT administration
  • Identify and eliminate any security risks such as outdated firmware in an unmanaged device 

The Solution

After a scan of the company network has been performed using baramundi Network Devices, all network devices found are shown in their logical grouping. It is then possible to clearly display network devices found on a map in the environment view of the baramundi Management Suite. This also shows connections between devices. The view also offers the option to display detailed information about individual network devices, and to display information about ports, blocked connections, as well as the type of connection, thus giving you a comprehensive overview of the network topology thanks to the visual presentation.

baramundi Network Devices features include: 

  • Graphic representation of devices detectable by SNMP in an IT map
  • Interactive display of the IT map 
  • Automatic capture of endpoints
  • Visualization of device assignment
  • Display of ports, connection types and blocked routes
  • Support for administrators with documentation of their own IT environment

Option to export IT documentation in different formats (Visio, PDF and SVG) 

Our Recommendation

baramundi Network Devices makes network devices such as routers, switches, or printers that are manageable via SNMP accessible. Besides Windows computers, mobile devices and Macs can also be cataloged. In addition to capturing devices and reading out their properties with the Device Manager, the network topology is also recognized and presented graphically in the form of an IT map.

The Result


baramundi Network Devices gives you comprehensive transparency over your IT environment. You can obtain an overview of:


  • Available devices
  • Relationships and dependencies between devices
  • Versions of firmware and operating systems


In addition, you can:

  • Filter according to specific device types
  • Export diagrams for reports
  • Quickly identify sources of errors in the network

Visualization in the IT map