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The baramundi Management Suite offers numerous additional functions and modules where we can support you:



We can help you create identical systems by automating the cloning process. We will show you how to create a master image from a source computer, anonymize it, distribute it to any number of computers, and personalize these distributed systems, for example, by allocating computer names.

Energy Management

You can use our Green IT module to automate the distribution of energy policies to PC workstations and ensure energy efficiency. We will support you with the implementation and set-up of the solution, and will work together with you to create a model energy profile according to your requirements.

Network Devices

In this workshop, our baramundi consultants will help you create an inventory of your active network devices. Together, we will create an initial inventory of your network, evaluate the data, and show you how you can work with the data.

Endpoint Security (Device Control)

You will learn how to reliably protect your network and your company data. We will instruct you in how to use the Endpoint Security module, which is part of the baramundi Management Suite, and will help you set it up.

Preparing for a License Audit

What do you do when a software vendor announces a check on your software licenses? We will show you how to perform an automated analysis of your software assets and licenses, and will instruct you on how to manage your licenses using baramundi solutions.

Personal Backup und Disaster Recovery

We will teach you in how to use baramundi Personal Backup and baramundi Disaster Recovery. Together, we will customize the settings required to reliably back up your data and settings, and quickly restore them when needed.


Individual Workshops

We will also be happy to put together an individual workshop just for you about topics that you find relevant to your company.

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