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"Working with the Management Suite is great."

SchwörerHaus KG


SchwörerHaus KG

With 42,000 satisfied customers and 1,850 employees, SchwörerHaus KG, founded in 1950, is one of the top addresses for house construction in Germany and neighboring countries. At its main plant in Hohenstein-Oberstetten, the company has been planning and producing high-quality single-family, semi-detached and multi-family houses in timber panel construction since the end of the 1960s. In addition, Schwörer also takes on orders for multi-storey residential buildings and hotels, which are individually implemented using the so-called Schwörer hybrid construction method.

A small team with big tasks

IT manager Markus Schwörer and his eight-person team together oversee the network, which spans four locations. The headquarters is the plant in Oberstetten. In addition, there are three smaller sites in Coswig, Weißenthurm and Sigmaringen. In addition, the team also looks after Kastell GmbH as a member of the Schwörer Group in Veringenstadt. Four team members primarily take care of the server, network and terminal infrastructure, while the rest look after the ERP system.

"At our main site in Oberstetten, we look after around 450 fixed workstations and 150 notebooks. At each of the remaining sites, there are about 40 devices - primarily PCs and notebooks. Of the desktop PCs, about half serve as CAD workstations. Most of our software is standardized. The main programs are SAP and the CAD program from GranIT, which is tailored to our needs."


Therefore baramundi

"The direct and easily accessible support at baramundi was the deciding factor for us. We also liked the clear overview and intuitive usability of the management interface. The option to customize the UEM solution to our individual requirements by purchasing various modules also didn't hurt.

We were particularly pleased with the simple and fast automation of software installations made possible by baramundi's Automation Studio," continues Schwörer.

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Fast commissioning

"After one consulting day, the test server was implemented at our company, on which we were introduced to the basics of the Management Console. Then it only took one more day with a baramundi consultant to support us with the configuration of the management server and the go-live. The automation of our standard software and the installation of the operating systems was then completed within a few weeks. The solution had been in operation on test servers at our company since May 2020 and we then went live after a three-month test phase."

"We were particularly pleased that we were able to find a solution to our main problem with baramundi: We have three locations that are connected to us via a dedicated line. At these locations, we have problems with the speed of the Internet lines due to the location. To relieve the strain on the lines, we have now integrated these locations with baramundi via independent DIP servers. The clients there can thus get the latest versions of their applications and, above all, the latest Microsoft updates without the dedicated line being loaded during the day while the employees are at work."

We were already very satisfied with the product during the test phase: above all, the implementation of the automation of various routine tasks was very quick and easy.

Markus Schwörer, IT Manager at SchwörerHaus

Implementing larger projects quickly

“In the event of minor hangs that occurred during the start-up phase, we received good and quick help from support. I would also like to emphasize the large community in the baramundi forum, which helps very quickly with many questions because there is a very large treasure trove of experience there that can almost always contribute something to your own situation. In most cases, a clean solution can be found there quickly. Last but not least, we appreciate the possibility of always testing new modules in our environment that could be useful for our company. We have already carried out several larger projects with baramundi in the short time we have been here. First, we conducted an inventory of all our Windows computers and the software on them. This revealed a whole series of old Windows 7 installations, which we were then able to quickly migrate to Windows10.

In the course of this, we also used Inplace Upgrades to bring the previous old builds of Windows 10 up to date through various dynamic groups. The whole thing went without causing any long downtime for employees, as we were able to schedule and run the upgrades at the end of work. Finally, we conveniently rolled out new software for our engineering department via automation, where different profiles and templates had to be incorporated depending on the department."
"In the future, we plan to manage our construction managers' notebooks with the Defense Control module. These devices are necessarily not in the company, but have a connection to various servers. We believe that this will enable us to manage these end devices more easily, more securely and, above all, more clearly.

Conclusion: Great time savings

"In the area of patch management and Windows 10 in-place upgrades, we have objectively saved a lot of time. Hardware changes now also run much faster and more effectively thanks to the automatic OS installation and various jobs for our standard software. The intuitive operation via the Baramundi Management Center makes it very easy for new employees to familiarize themselves with client management.

Working with the Management Suite is great. You can see important events and problems at a glance. With the remote maintenance tool and the customized jobs, you then have the opportunity to fix them quickly and effectively. Working with the suite is really fun due to the very good search function, as you can find a user's PC with just a few clicks. Working with universal dynamic groups is also very good, where you can quickly and easily get an overview of the hardware infrastructure with the help of filters.

In conclusion, we are very satisfied with the solutions that baramundi offers us. At no point have we regretted the decision to replace our old endpoint management and thus make a new investment."