Green IT

Green IT

Green IT

Save Energy, Protect the Environment, Reduce Costs – With Intelligent Energy Management

The Challenge

The number of power consumers in your company is constantly increasing: 

  • Servers and computers in continuous operation require a permanent energy supply
  • Any waste heat generated needs to be cooled using air conditioning 
  • Energy costs place an increasing strain on your budget
  • Your carbon footprint is deteriorating noticeably

The Solution

With baramundi Energy Management, you can automatically record the times when a device is in operation, in standby mode, or is switched off. Each hardware type will also be automatically allocated consumption values, allowing the energy consumption of each client, including any connected monitors, to be recorded. This will provide you with meaningful reports.

Once you know your energy requirements, you can take control of them. Predefined energy profiles are available to assist you. The profiles intelligently manage the energy consumption of individual devices. For example, when a user locks their workstation, the computer will automatically switch to a more economical profile and will enter standby mode sooner. These Green IT Solutions enable you regulate the power consumption of individual devices, of specific groups such as departments, or of entire sites. 

Our Recommendation

Use the baramundi Management Suite to manage your IT infrastructure and extend it to include the baramundi Energy Management module.

The Result

You can record power data and minimize consumption by using optimized energy profiles without any additional workload. As part of your standard unified endpoint management, you can: 

  • Record consumption data for computers and monitors 
  • Receive recommendations for appropriate energy-saving measures
  • Benefit from predefined energy profiles 
  • Automatically optimize your energy consumption

Reduce your energy consumption with the intelligent profiles created by baramundi Energy Management without impacting system performance, and, in doing so, lower your energy costs, protect the environment, and improve your carbon footprint.