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Driving Down Costs

Driving Down Costs, Increasing Productivity

The more digital the company, the higher the IT budget? Not necessarily. Free your IT department from laborious routine tasks and unnecessary wastes of time, use one database for many applications and only implement software that is really used. Depending on your current situation, it may be possible to reduce your IT budget considerably and to increase productivity...

Make Optimum Use of your Budget

The Problem

Your IT costs more every year, but there doesn’t seem to be any potential for savings. You use a lot of manpower for manual or semi-automated maintenance of your computers and servers. And when you look into it, you realize you’re not really sure which software is installed on which machine and which is actually used. Your IT personnel therefore spend a lot of time entering and maintaining inventory data. You buy licenses based on the requirements of individual users or what feels right. 

The Solution

You take two steps. In the first step, you automate installation and software deployment with:

baramundi OS-Install
baramundi OS-Install
baramundi Patch Management

To find out how to do this, read » here.

Even with this first step, your IT costs are noticeably reduced. Plus, you have created an ideal foundation for making savings in the long term. You have gained a clear overview and will be able to make well-founded decisions about software and licenses. To further unburden your IT personnel from routine jobs, you can also optimize your administration and license management with:

baramundi Inventory
baramundi AUT
baramundi Connect

In the area of license management we are working together with several solution providers. For example, we offer the product » SmartTrack made by our partner Aspera.

The Process

» baramundi Inventory supplies you with all the inventory data, either automatically through querying all machines in the network or individually through manual input. You therefore know exactly which computers are available and how these are equipped. This creates a perfect foundation firstly for supporting your IT and secondly for managing your licenses.
You can now automate the use of inventory data in the entire company, from the helpdesk through license management to bookkeeping and ERP software. Through » baramundi Connect, you can provide the automatically collected and constantly up-to-date inventory data to many other applications.

Then, you apply » baramundi AUT to the installed software. AUT checks whether and how much a program is used. You will be able to tell immediately how many licenses you really need and discover whether new software is accepted and whether there are old unused programs on computers. AUT meets all German data protection requirements. You can therefore have a constant overview of software without illegally monitoring your employees.

Now you have everything you need to optimize your license management. You only pay for licenses that are actually used and don’t run the risk of running software without a license and having to pay a fine. 

The Result

You have all inventory data and licenses at a glance. You:

  • Collect inventories automatically
  • Provide other applications with data that is always up to date
  • Ideally support IT with the minimum of effort
  • Optimize your license management
  • Save time
  • Free up valuable employees for demanding tasks

Your IT employees have more time for important, productive tasks. Routine jobs are delegated to baramundi Management Suite and inventory data is used throughout the company. Your IT budget can be directed where it is needed.