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Green IT

Saving energy, protecting the environment, lowering costs

The number of power consumers in your company is constantly on the increase. Servers and computers that are operating continuously not only need permanent power, but they also create waste heat that has to be dealt with using air-conditioning. Your Controlling section can see that your budget is increasingly being burdened by energy costs. And your carbon footprint, too, keeps deviating ever further away from the ideal. To reduce energy consumption effectively, you are reliant on the commitment of your entire staff to being constantly alert over energy consumption – or alternatively, you could rely on

Intelligent Energy Management!

The Problem

You want to reduce your energy consumption and optimize your carbon footprint. But in doing so, the availability of devices and performance cannot be compromised. Your staff should be free to focus on essential tasks, instead of also having to monitor and adjust the power settings for their PC workstations.

The Solution

baramundi Energy Management

You use the baramundi Management Suite to handle your IT, and expand this with the baramundi Energy Management module.

The Process

With » baramundi Energy Management, you automatically record the times when a device is in operation, in standby mode or switched off. In a further automated process, consumption values are attributed to the respective hardware type, and in this way the power consumption of each individual client, including the connected screens, is recorded. The result is that you receive informative and relevant reports.

As soon as you know what the energy requirements are, you can make targeted interventions. To that end, you will have fully-prepared energy profiles available. These allow for intelligent control of the power consumption on individual devices. For example, if a user locks his workstation, this computer is immediately switched to a more economical energy profile and changes more rapidly to Standby mode.

In this way, you can regulate the power consumption of individual devices or of any groups, such as departments or whole sites.

The Result

You record power data without additional staffing expenditures, and minimize consumption using optimized energy profiles. As part of your normal IT lifecycle management:

  • Record consumption data for computers and screens
  • Receive recommendations for appropriate energy-saving measures
  • Benefit from pre-prepared energy profiles
  • Optimize your energy consumption automatically.

Using the intelligent profiles in baramundi Energy Management, you can achieve tangible reductions in your power consumption, without restricting the performance capability of your systems. You lower your energy costs, protect the environment and improve your carbon footprint.