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IT Security

High Level of Endpoint Security on all Devices

Data are valuable assets for every company. They must not be damaged, lost, or end up in the wrong hands. There are many potential threats, ranging from straightforward carelessness to malware, industrial espionage, and data theft. The data to protect are stored on various media, transferred through the network, carried around on mobile devices, notebooks, or memory sticks. You need to protect your data from all kinds of threats and ensure a high level of security on all end devices.

Tailoring Security to your Needs

The Problem

Nowadays users use notebooks and mobile devices as well as PCs. All these devices must be secured without restricting the user's work. You have to establish consistent security rules on all devices and platforms, identity vulnerabilities and infringements of company rules, and provide reliable backups. You have to reliably patch operating systems and applications and prevent unauthorized copies of files from being made. Without an integrated concept, your firewall and virus scanner are not much use.

The Solution

Use baramundi Management Suite to achieve high endpoint security. Set consistent security guidelines on your end devices, regardless of whether they are smartphones or PCs. Identify missing updates and patches and close gaps automatically. Decide which data and files need to be protected and which employees are permitted to perform which actions with them.

baramundi Compliance Management
baramundi Patch Management
baramundi Managed Software
baramundi Mobile Devices
baramundi Device Control
baramundi Application Control
baramundi Disaster Recovery
baramundi Personal Backup

The Process

You automatically identify security gaps on PCs and servers with » baramundi Compliance Management. You automatically close any gaps in Microsoft operating systems and applications with » baramundi Patch Management. You monitor hundreds of applications from other manufacturers for new versions, updates, and security-related patches using » baramundi Managed Software. You receive packets which have been security checked and optimally prepared for deployment.

» baramundi Mobile Devices shows infringements of company and security rules on mobile devices in a clear Compliance dashboard, from missing apps to jailbreaks. You decide whether you want to react yourself or whether countermeasures should be taken automatically. You ensure that devices are configured securely, specify passwords, and remotely delete lost devices.

» baramundi Device Control allows you to determine exactly which data can be accessed and how, right down to the smallest detail: For example, you can restrict download volumes for individual computers or users, enable files for certain groups or individuals, or prevent saving to memory sticks. Encrypt mobile data carriers securely.

» baramundi Application Control prevents unknown software from being executed in your company network. New Trojans and spyware that are not yet known to your anti-virus software therefore do not present a threat. Software cannot be used until the IT administrator or an authorized user allows it – and then only strictly within the rights assigned to it.

As a final step, you make provisions for an emergency. Hardware failure, vandalism, fire – there are many possible causes of corrupted data. With » baramundi Disaster Recovery, you back up all your valuable data and files on the network or on external data carriers. You can then restore normal operation with just a few clicks of your mouse. Backup personal data and users' settings with » baramundi Personal Backup.

The Result

The modules of baramundi Management Suite put your security concept into practice and ensure:

  • Clear rules that apply to everyone
  • Secure data and files
  • Controlled data flow in the network
  • Protection against unknown applications
  • Planned data backup and recovery
  • Backups of personal settings and files

All settings and rules are controlled with baramundi Management Suite. Because all modules access the same database, you avoid losses due to interface problems and incompatibility. You are the master of your own data again.