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SCCM extensions

Want to use Microsoft SCCM more effectively?

With an eye to your IT budget you are looking to use cost-efficient software wherever possible. The Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) is your tool of choice for managing your IT. However, you discover that you need more personnel to do so. Your IT team spends a lot of its time on configuring and handling the SCCM. However, the integration in your structures and work processes is so extensive that switching to another client management solution would be very difficult. 

The problem

You want to keep using the Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager. To use it more effectively and efficiently, you want to add missing functions and cost-saving automated mechanisms to it. To do so, you are also willing to license an add-on. 

The solution

Extend your SCCM with baramundi SCCM Edition.

baramundi SCCM Edition

The process

baramundi SCCM Edition adds additional functions to your SCCM that make it easier to administer your IT, that reduce costs, and which save time while allowing you to continue using your existing SCCM interface. It is from this interface that you install the desired software using the installation mechanism selected by you - independently of AD groups. 

You retain an overview of installed hardware and software, know what licenses are available, and can carry out all administrative steps, without requiring users to log off first. Software that is required often and which should be individually installable can be simply made available in a kiosk. A well-documented interface allows straightforward integration with ticket systems. 

You automate a number of processes and retain an overview of all tasks and their status. You discover straight away whether or not a job was successful and can immediately identify the cause of any error. You always know whether your deployed SCCM jobs were successful. Instead of merely deploying your clients and software, now you can actually manage them.

The result

With a minimal investment of time, money and man power, you gain extra flexibility and a clearer picture when administering your IT system: 

  • Central and individual deployment of software with flexible installation procedure 
  • Deployment of patches and updates 
  • Inventorization of hardware and software, licenses 
  • Automation of all kinds of tasks and workflows

With baramundi SCCM Edition you incorporate professional features into your Microsoft SCCM.