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Software Deployment

Reducing the Time and Money Spent

You use software that you have defined as standard for your company. This software runs on every computer and must be kept up to date on each machine. Many users however require special programs - which in turn require updates and patches. Then there is the subject of security - should really anyone on the network be able to install and run any program? You therefore send your IT experts from department to department, from PC to PC. For every initial installation, every update, and every patch. Or you get the job done with self-created scripts - fast but inflexible and without taking users into account. Or … 

Automated Software Deployment

The Problem

You want to save on the time and resources required for recurring tasks. Software deployment represents a major item in the time budget of your administrators. You want a solution capable of carrying out the initial installation, configuration and maintenance of multiple computers fully automatically and which minimizes the work involved for you. The solution should guarantee reliable and secure operation, create an overview of licenses, and prevent the installation of non-authorized software.

The Solution

You use the baramundi Management Suite for installation and maintenance, with the modules:

baramundi Deploy
baramundi Patch Management
baramundi Application Control
baramundi Inventory
baramundi AUT


The Process

In the » baramundi Management Suite you specify on an easy-to-use interface what software is to be deployed in what sequence and on what computers, enabling you to fill the computers of an entire department with just a few clicks of your mouse. » baramundi Deploy carries out the job when you want it to, e.g. overnight. You can also give users the right to postpone jobs, so that you can be sure jobs are carried out without users being interrupted during important work. Patches for Microsoft programs can be automatically and reliably imported using » baramundi Patch Management.

» baramundi Inventory gives you an up-to-date overview of installed software at all times, meaning you know the current license status at all times and avoid expensive under- or overlicensing. Should you identify unwanted software on a computer in the network, it can be automatically removed by baramundi Deploy. To manage your licenses more precisely, implement » baramundi AUT. AUT checks whether software is actually being used, allowing you to uninstall unused software using baramundi Deploy and to save on licenses. baramundi AUT is fully compliant with the stringent requirement of the German data protection act.

If from the outset you want to prevent users from installing or running programs by themselves, implement the » baramundi Application Control module. By means of a whitelist you and users authorized by you define what programs may be started.

The Result

In just a few steps you have created a controlled environment for installation and maintenance of your software with:

  • Automated installation of all software on any number of computers 
  • Automated maintenance of installed software 
  • Overview of all licenses 
  • Check of installed programs 
  • Rights management for the running of programs

You create clear, checkable standards and considerably reduce the amount of work for software management.