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Automated Vulnerability Management

Inadequate patch status and the use of outdated software are among the key threats to IT security within companies in Germany in 2014, according to a report on the subject by the German Federal Office for Information Security.

A security gap on a single computer in your IT environment is enough to jeopardize the security of your network and your valuable company data. The firewall and virus scanner do not protect you from attacks using exploits, which find vulnerabilities and specifically exploit them. The consequences can be severe: They range from data loss and downtime to legal consequences, for example if your computers are seized and controlled remotely to carry out further attacks. That's why you need to take precautions.

Identifying and Quickly Closing Security Gaps

The Problem

You have to keep a clear overview of all security gaps on all computers in your company to eliminate dangerous vulnerabilities as quickly as possible. When installing updates and patches you must ensure that they get to where they are needed. And you need to keep a close watch on computer configuration, for example to enforce secure passwords.

The Solution

Use baramundi Management Suite to put in place automated vulnerability management. To do so, you need the following modules:

baramundi Compliance Management
baramundi Managed Software
baramundi Patch Management

The Process

» baramundi Compliance Management regularly scans your computer for vulnerability. The software refers to the constantly updated databases of recognized security organizations and checks over 15,000 rules on every endpoint. You can also check the configuration of devices. To do this, you use the prepared rule set that you can tailor to your requirements. The result of this vulnerability and configuration scan is then clearly displayed on a dashboard. This shows you the status of your IT environment and lets you navigate easily to the most dangerous or most common vulnerabilities.

baramundi Compliance Management integrates seamlessly into baramundi Management Suite. According to a survey by techconsult, 78 % of users of endpoint management solutions would like this type of integration of vulnerability and endpoint management.

The advantage: Using baramundi Management Suite, you immediately have the tools to eliminate the risks. For Microsoft products, you can use » baramundi Patch Management to add updates centrally. But security gaps may also be lurking in other manufacturers' products such as Java, Flash or Adobe Reader, to name but a few. To update these applications, use » baramundi Managed Software. This immediately provides you with up-to-date, ready-to-deploy and verified software packages for numerous standard applications. baramundi Management Suite tells you whether the installation of security-critical updates and patches was successful and whether all endpoints are now secure.

The Result

You identify potential threats and can react quickly and in a targeted manner:

  • Overview of existing vulnerabilities
  • Central, automated deployment of updates and patches
  • Implementation of a secure configuration

Even in large IT environments, you keep a clear view of the situation and ensure that your systems are up to date and secure.