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Endpoint Management

Automating IT

Far too many IT experts are still spending too much time on routine tasks. Their potential is not used to the full for productive work, but wasted on the same old jobs. At the same time, infrastructure administration and inventories are taking up an increasing amount of space. The more employees a company has, the greater the difficulty in guaranteeing that all computers always have the right software in good time and that data is always backed up.

This routine work can be reliably automated. It is then possible to guarantee that all tasks are always run identically. This reduces the causes of errors and you always have an overview thanks to comprehensive logs. You save time, cut costs and work noticeably more efficiently. The time has come to automate workflows and implement effective technology. Automate with baramundi Management Suite

The Problem

You have to manage 40 or more desktop PCs, servers and laptops in your company. Your IT personnel are overburdened with standard tasks, such as performing installations, patches and backups. You would like to free up your employees for the really important IT tasks and get a clear overview of your hardware and software infrastructure.

The Solution

You automate routine tasks such as installations and patch management, implement security standards and use inventory data across all applications in the entire company. For this, you use the appropriate modules of baramundi Management Suite.

baramundi Management Suite

The Process

Together with a baramundi expert, you determine your need for automation. » baramundi Management Suite consists of many specialist modules that work closely together via a shared database. 

You decide which modules you need and only purchase a license for these. If you later require more modules, simply extend your license. Your database always remains the same. 

To arrange your IT efficiently, you should always automate the following:

Even with this basic version, you will considerably reduce the load on your IT department. Indeed customers report savings of up to 85% in their IT budget.

Then you can decide which other areas of your company could also benefit from automation. Do you use inventory data from your infrastructure in many applications? If so, you should make sure that they always have access to the same, most up-to-date version. 

» License management often also has a great deal of potential for optimization. Only licensing the software that is really needed and used frees up resources for other areas and makes sure you do not have too many or too few licenses. 

You should also take a close look at protection for data and files in the company. The better you control data flows and regulate access, the more easily you can ensure that only permitted software is used and the better you protect your data. You should of course also include regular and effective data backup. Make sure that backed-up data can also be quickly and easily restored. 

If you wish, baramundi experts can provide you with support for all these steps. We are also happy to provide you with advice in advance about how baramundi Management Suite can be operated seamlessly with your existing IT.

The Result

If you have automated your routine IT tasks:

  • Your IT experts have time for productive tasks again
  • You have a clear overview of all workflows
  • You make considerable savings in terms of time and money
  • You get a clear overview of your hardware and software
  • You can arrange your company workflows more productively
  • Other applications also benefit

Your IT department becomes a center of expertise. Your investments in baramundi Management Suite pay off in no time.