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OS Installation

Reducing Time and Money Spent on PC Maintenance

The more IT equipment is used in a company, the higher the costs for set-up, maintenance and decommissioning. Employees’ valuable time is taken up with routine tasks, the error rate rises and transparency is reduced in the complex system. Hundreds of drivers and technical units have to be taken into account. Employees have to take on IT tasks, such as patch installation. You would like to employ your resources more effectively and efficiently, get a clear overview and free your well-trained employees from routine tasks ...

Automated Installation and Maintenance

The Problem

Computer setup and maintenance in companies are becoming increasingly complex and time-consuming. With every new employee, the IT department has to spend more time on routine tasks. Even the use of scripts and Microsoft mechanisms cannot solve the problem. Every modification creates more work, every error is multiplied, every individual configuration requirements results in more stress.

The Solution

Instead of approaching each task with separate mechanisms and a lot of manpower, you combine the benefits of:

baramundi Inventory
baramundi OS-Cloning
baramundi OS-Install
baramundi Deploy
baramundi Package Studio
baramundi Patch Management

The Process

» baramundi Inventory detects all the computers registered in the network and creates an inventory of them. All hardware components and applications are recorded in the shared database of all baramundi modules. This allows baramundi Management Suite to provide the appropriate drivers for each computer. baramundi Inventory also notices if a computer is added to the domain and then automatically inventories them.

To install operating systems, you can select baramundi OS-Install or baramundi OS-Cloning. The difference: With » baramundi OS-Cloning, you copy an image to the computer. This procedure is particularly suitable for installing computers with identical hardware or for restoring training computers to a defined starting point. Although you are making a copy, you can still assign individual computer names.

With » baramundi OS-Install, you set up each computer as if you were doing it manually. Thanks to baramundi Inventory, baramundi OS-Install detects all the components and installs the necessary drivers. This type of installation takes a little longer than cloning, but is still significantly quicker than manual installation. And because the process is automated, you can install many computers at the same time or even leave it running over night.

Applications are installed on the computers with » baramundi Deploy. You specify for each computer which programs should be installed and, if a particular installation order is necessary, you simply define this.

It is just as easy to deploy your own software and packages in the company. With » baramundi Package Studio, you can create installation packages that are perfectly adapted to your users’ most diverse requirements. Installation steps are recorded during the setup and make the complex creation of snapshots unnecessary.

As a rule, the most time-consuming task is ongoing maintenance for PCs. Microsoft alone brings out a great number of patches for operating systems and applications every month. Selecting and running these manually requires a lot of time, manpower and money. Now you can save all this and leave » baramundi Patch Management to run patches for Microsoft programs. It automatically retrieves new patches and installs them at a time specified by you. All patches are promptly checked for safety by baramundi beforehand.

The Result

By combining baramundi tools, you automate recurring processes:

  • Setup of new computers
  • Restoring training computers
  • Installation of many systems in one go
  • Individual deployment of software
  • Patch Management

You combine the individual tasks to form jobs. Now you can launch new installations and maintenance tasks at the click of a mouse or even automatically. This allows you to take your users into consideration. If you wish, users can postpone automated tasks to a later time or freely select and start installations. Your IT personnel are freed from routine jobs and have more time for productive tasks.