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Press release

Professional User Rating: Security Solutions 2017 (PUR-S) – baramundi Given Champion Award

baramundi impresses in the Vulnerability Management area in techconsult's provider assessment   

Augsburg, March 23, 2017 – In techconsult's PUR-S 2017 study, the Augsburg-based software manufacturer baramundi software AG was awarded first place in the overall ranking in the Vulnerability Management area. The award was presented on March 22 at CeBIT.     

The PUR-S 2017 study, prepared by the research and analyst company Techconsult, analyzes and evaluates providers of vulnerability management and enterprise mobility management solutions. More than 2,400 user companies were questioned about the solutions and manufacturers that they used. The various providers were assessed using 70 individual criteria in 14 categories within the two dimensions of "Manufacturer" and "Solution."

techconsult PUR-S Diamond Vulnerability Management

In the manufacturer assessment area, baramundi achieved 79.8 points out of 100 and thus took first place. The average point score in this category was only 68.5 points.

Relevant criteria for assessing manufacturers are:
•    Innovation
•    Overall product portfolio
•    Service & support
•    Sales partners
•    Online presence
•    Price and reference models
•    Sustainability and information
•    Consultancy and professional development

In the manufacturer assessment, baramundi gained the highest assessment of all the providers throughout.

In the solution assessment area, baramundi achieved 76.6 out of 100 points and occupied one of the top places. The average point score was 73.5 points.

Relevant criteria for assessing solutions are:
•    Satisfaction with the manufacturer
•    Performance
•    Scope of functions
•    User-friendliness
•    Solution value
•    Satisfaction with the solution

baramundi did particularly well in the scope of functions of the solution and also in the assessment of satisfaction with the solution.

For the final result, the two results from manufacturer assessment and solution assessment are added together, and baramundi software AG gained the title of Champion within PUR-S-Diamond Vulnerability Management. The diamond is a two-dimensional diagram standing on its tip. The better a supplier was assessed in both dimensions (manufacturer and solutions), the higher it is positioned on the diamond. The award as Champion means that the provider can convince its customers of the quality of its solution and of its own value as a company.

As Uwe Beikirch, Management Board Member at baramundi software AG, explains: "We are very glad to have been awarded the status of Champion in the Vulnerability Management area. The large number of criteria and the questioning of users represents valuable feedback for us and motivates us strongly to continue along our chosen path.

Uwe Beikirch, Management Board Member of baramundi software AG
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