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"With bMS, we have been able to raise the administration of our Apple and Windows clients to a whole new level."



Referenz - dewego

degewo is Berlin's leading housing company with 75,000 apartments. With over 1,300 employees, it is one of the largest and most efficient companies in the sector. The portfolio is growing continuously through new construction and acquisitions. degewo works at six locations with approximately 480 Windows clients and about 920 Apple mobile devices.

Easy Mobile Device Management

"Our IT environment is mainly based on the use of terminal servers. This gives employees access to our network via Windows notebooks and PCs as well as Apple mobile devices. For example, all of our janitors are equipped with iPads, which they use for the most part to carry out their tasks, such as apartment inspections, identifying defects, etc.," says Christian Mai, an employee in IT Services.

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From 0 to 100

"Before the introduction of baramundi, we had no software-supported endpoint management. Everything had to be implemented manually in painstaking detail. Our original motivation was therefore to find a mobile device management solution for our Apple devices after we started equipping our janitors with them. In the course of this, we also wanted a tool with which we could manage our classic clients

At that time we had a look at different solutions at the Cebit. Even there, we noticed how fast and easy it was to record and manage the devices with baramundi. During the presentations at our company, baramundi was the only candidate that was able to demonstrate everything live without any problems. baramundi was able to demonstrate all the functions that were important to us on the devices we had provided. This was not easily possible for the other competitors.

Another plus point for baramundi was that the company and support are based in Germany. We also liked that the baramundi consultants regularly sit in on support."

The implementation took a total of only one day with the consultant on site. After that, the MDM was up and running and we were able to pick up and manage the first devices. In the meantime, we have been using the solution for over seven years. We now use the baramundi Management Suite for software distribution on both our Windows and Apple clients. For example, we use it to set up our notebooks via OS Install

Christian Mai, Employee in IT Services at degewo

Bottom line

"Overall, we are very satisfied. The customer support is very personal. We are completely convinced by the quality of the support and training.

Thanks to the baramundi Management Suite, we have been able to significantly reduce the time required for client management and have thus gained more time for our other tasks. This has also made our work in managing the clients much easier. All of our IT staff, even without specialized knowledge of the jobs provided, can supply the clients with appropriately provided software.

In summary, we can say that with bMS, we at degewo have been able to raise the administration of our Apple and Windows clients to a whole new level. It saves us a lot of routine work and thus a lot of time and nerves. Our colleagues appreciate working with the baramundi Management Suite and find it a great relief," summarizes Christian Mai.