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High-end gaming system builder MIFCOM relies on easy-to-use endpoint management from baramundi




In the gaming community, MIFCOM is synonymous with luxuriously equipped, high-performance gaming PCs. Founded in Munich in 2003, the company initially focused on electrical and IT products. Since 2005, MIFCOM has been producing specially configured PCs known for compute power and graphics performance that are ideal for high-end games and demanding image and video editing.

The company itself also requires a lot of power for this. The company employs around 200 people in three locations with around 150 Windows desktop PCs and 80 notebooks. In addition, there is mix of about 50 Windows and Linux servers. Jonas Westphal and two IT administrators oversee end device management, a demanding, high-priority responsibility focused on ensuring an efficient working environment and keeping business operations running smoothly.

Quick assistance from baramundi

„We then looked at but were unconvinced by various management solutions available on the market. I had already had many years of good experience with baramundi at a previous employer so the decision was relatively easy for me, Mr. Westphal says. “I knew that integration and setup would be quick. The proof of concept was up and running within a few hours, and the team was using it productively in a few days.“, Jonas Westphal

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More time for what really matters

„Since we switched to baramundi, our work process has changed significantly. The entire life cycle of our PCs is now handled by bMS. We can use the job system to equip a new computer with an operating system and associated software packages in no time at all. Windows updates can also be distributed across all computers in the network with minimal effort. At the same time, the inventory allows us to keep track of what we have installed on which devices, where, and in which configuration.

For me, the software gets a clear recommendation. I would introduce the system again at any time. Once you start using it you never want to work without it again.

Jonas Westphal, Teamlead SysAdmin