Enterprise Mobility Management checklist

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6 smart strategies to secure Enterprise Mobility Management


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Mobile devices are convenient – so convenient that employees are continuously finding ways to use their personal or company-provided devices at work. The right enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution helps IT teams ensure that mobile devices don‘t undermine company data and network security. Here are 5 smart EMM strategies.

1. Flexible mobile device policies


Both Android and iOS support Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) or Corporate Owned Personally Enabled (COPE) options allowing the use of employee-owned devices for work or company-provided devices for personal purposes without compromising IT security or user privacy.

2. Native data separation


To prevent access to corporate data from user’s personal apps, establish and maintain consistent data separation with Android Work Profiles or iOS User Enrollment.

3. Block and allow lists


Dedicated Allow lists ensure that only authorized and secure apps needed for work are installed in the company-managed area of the device. Block lists can also be used to explicitly exclude unauthorized on untrusted apps. 

4. Automated updates and backups


Timely and automated updates improve device security and functionality, as do regular backups. If a device is damaged or lost, a ready-to-use replacement can be set up quickly.

5. Set and enforce device security policies


From mandatory password requirements to remote wipe for lost devices to automatic access via VPN, don‘t cut corners when it comes to data security.

6. Out of the box experience


An EMM solution streamlines provisioning of new, fully configured devices. Users can be immediately productive with a ready-to-use device directly from the dealer.

In short: Enterprise Mobility Management is the key to integrating mobile devices securely and efficiently. From data separation to automated updates, the baramundi Management Suite offers EMM as part of a comprehensive solution for ensuring IT security.

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