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Know What’s Going On

PCs, laptops, printers, programs, digital cameras, external memories, e-books, etc. - you only know a fraction of the hardware, software and other important assets that exist at your company. Data ages faster than you can collect it. The result: you pay for licenses that are not used, buy more hardware than is required, spend a lot of time looking for things, and a lot of money buying devices which in fact you already have. Your Accounts department continually requests up-to-date data on investments and their usage, the Helpdesk constantly acquires the same data when it conducts user surveys. Lists and manually collected inventory data are not enough to keep tabs on the sheer range of items. However …

A Clear Picture with Automatic Inventorization

The Problem

You want up-to-date information on your existing inventory of PCs, servers, laptops and peripheral devices, software, etc. This data must also be available to other applications, e.g. Helpdesk and the accounts department. You need help with the automated acquisition and administration of inventory data.

The Solution

Instead of carrying out the inventory manually and needing to administer more and more new lists, collect data on the inventory and its use in an automated way with:

baramundi Inventory
baramundi Network Devices
baramundi AUT

The Process

As a first step, start » baramundi Inventory. This tool independently and automatically records all of the data available on the network on the hardware and PCs. This will also tell you details such as installed components and driver versions. As soon as baramundi Inventory has acquired all data, you can use it to update the database on an ongoing basis. If you also want to include data that is not available on the network, use query forms that are automatically presented to the users.

The standardized interfaces of the baramundi Management Suite let you provide all data to other applications immediately and always on an up-to-date basis. In the event of a query, the Helpdesk will always have available the relevant computer configuration with installed software at the click of a mouse.

If you also want information on the use of installed software, also implement » baramundi AUT. You will then receive valid information on how often a certain application is used in a defined period. baramundi AUT complies with all data protection requirements and is not therefore suitable for monitoring users. It does however provide you with reliable data on usage and acceptance of software and makes your license management easier.

The Result

You have a clear picture of your infrastructure:

  • Existing devices including components and driver versions 
  • Existing software 
  • Level of use of the applications

You free up the resources of your employees and optimize your licensing costs. Other applications in the company also benefit from up-to-date inventory data.