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IT Service Management

One Company – One Database

Many companies are suffering under floods of unmanageable data. Inventory data, for example, is available in various formats and documents and is continually being entered again into several applications. But it wouldn’t take much to make everything simpler and above all clearer. Always up to date and correct. You would only have to supply all applications and departments with the same data and manage this from a central location ...

Use Data Throughout the Company!

The Problem

You are using various applications, but repeatedly require the same inventory data. The end result is that you enter the same data several times and have to make each change at multiple locations. You find it hard to keep track and your users don’t always know whether they are working with the latest data records.

The Solution

You provide a standard database that you automatically populate and maintain. This database is made available to other applications and departments. For this, you combine:

baramundi Inventory
baramundi Connect

The open interfaces of baramundi Management Suite allow you to form partnerships with developers of helpdesk solutions. You can find out more about our partners » here.

In the area of license management we are working together with several solution providers. For example, we offer the product » SmartTrack made by our partner Aspera.

The Process

» baramundi Inventory is already included in your baramundi Management Suite license. You can use it to create your reliable and constantly up-to-date database. baramundi Inventory automatically queries all the data available in the network. In this way, you always know for instance which components and software a certain computer contains and in which version.

You can also supply baramundi Inventory with offline information using convenient individual query dialogs. You can record the locations of projectors just as easily as data about digital cameras or cell phones.

You can then make this data available to other users. Your » helpdesk therefore knows immediately, for example, all the necessary technical details about every device whenever they receive a query. Or your accounts department knows the current device status and your ERP can also access this data directly.

In order to use data from baramundi Inventory throughout the company, you can access other tools. With » baramundi Connect, you provide other applications with standardized interfaces for sharing data. An example of the applications for company management.

An example: For license management, you can combine » SmartTrack from Aspera with baramundi Inventory for example. And you can directly connect your » helpdesk with an » OMNINET solution. This means that queries to support can be automatically linked with the latest data for the computer concerned.

The Result

With very little effort:

  • You get a clear overview of all inventory data
  • Your data is always up to date
  • Inventory data is used for all applications throughout the company
  • You make life easier for your helpdesk
  • You make important basic data available to your ERP software

You streamline your administrative processes and use company data more effectively and efficiently.