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Software for License Management

Keeping a Tab on Licenses

The greater the number of applications and computers in use and the more heterogeneous the software landscape, the harder it is to keep tabs on licenses. Under-licensing can become very expensive yet over-licensing too commits resources that you could be using elsewhere. Targeted license management gives you an overview, frees up resources, and takes the sting out of license audits by the software manufacturer.

Automated License Management

The Problem

You have to know which software is installed on which computer and whether this matches your license inventory. In order to avoid unnecessary costs, you want to identify and uninstall unused software on individual clients without infringing the applicable data protection regulations.

The Solution

You check automatically whether your licensing is correct, which software is used and how intensively, and uninstall unnecessary applications. To do this, you combine:

baramundi Inventory
baramundi Compliance Management
baramundi AUT
baramundi Deploy

The Process

Automatic inventory with » baramundi Inventory shows you which programs are installed and where. Through an interface, you provide the inventory data to e:SAM, a cloud-based license management solution from our partner amando software GmbH which supplements the » baramundi Compliance Management module. This checks whether the inventoried software matches the purchased licenses. You'll be prepared for audits at any time and can prove at the touch of a button that your licensing matches the specifications. As an alternative to the cloud-based e:SAM, the on-premise solution "Miss Marple Enterprise Edition" is available if desired.

To optimize your license costs, use » baramundi AUT to monitor the use of expensive licensed programs in a targeted manner. For example, this will show you devices where expensive graphics software is never started up, and which licenses you can save or give to other users. Here you decide systematically which applications should be monitored on which devices. Naturally you comply with stringent data protection legislation in Germany. No personalized data is gathered and no individual employee behavior can be inferred from the results provided. Unused programs can then be automatically uninstalled using » baramundi Deploy. You now only pay for those licenses for software that you really require.

The Result

You automatically get an overview of the software deployed and the licensing. This enables you to:

  • Prove license compliance easily
  • Avoid fines due to under-licensing
  • Save costs by exact licensing and detecting unused applications
  • Find out how new software in the company is accepted