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Mobile Device Management

Integrating Tablets and Smartphones into Your IT

More and more employees are using tablets and smartphones for their work. Although PCs and laptops are well integrated into the IT infrastructure, when it comes to mobile devices these must be configured by hand or are completely dependent on the level of commitment and knowledge of their users. It is a simple fact that more and more company data is being stored on these mobile devices and that increasing numbers of staff are accessing the company network remotely and saving e-mails to it. To wrestle back control of security and company data, you require either a great deal of cooperation, commitment and manual work or Professional Mobile Device Management.

Professional Mobile Device Management

The Problem

You want to administer end devices such as tablets and smartphones and integrate them into the IT infrastructure just as securely, efficiently and reliably as your servers, PCs and laptops. At the same time you want to ensure that there are no applications running on mobile devices that could put the security of your IT system at risk, which could be lost or stolen, or which could be deleted remotely.

The Solution

baramundi Mobile Devices

To administer your IT you use the baramundi Management Suite, enhancing it with the » baramundi Mobile Devices module.

The Process

In the baramundi Management Suite you register your mobile end devices using the baramundi Mobile Agent app, available free of charge from the relevant app store. The devices are automatically inventorized. Once the devices are incorporated you define security rules and monitor compliance with these rules at all times using the Compliance Dashboard. In so doing you do not just specify rules for passwords but if necessary you also block cameras or access to the app store. Jailbreaks or rooted devices are identified and an automated response to infringements is possible, where necessary.

If an employee forgets their PIN, you can unblock the relevant device via the baramundi Management Suite. Lost or stolen devices can be blocked remotely.

Devices are automatically configured by batch job in the baramundi Management Suite - from e-mail accounts to VPN access. You manage applications on the devices in the same way. With just a few mouse clicks you provide new devices with the rules already defined and safely remove devices at the end of their useful life, before deleting them from your infrastructure.

The Result

At reasonable expense you have a reliable and easy-to-use solution for the administration of tablets and smartphones, which provides efficient support with:

  • Automatic inventorization of all mobile devices
  • Reliable enforcement of your security regulations
  • Control of the applications on the devices
  • Simple, automated configuration of devices
  • Deletion or blocking of lost devices

You considerably reduce the amount of work required to administer mobile devices and ensure that mobile end devices can be integrated just as reliably and securely as servers, PCs and laptops.