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Feature updates for baramundi Argus Experience (bEX) are described below in chronological order.

February 2024

No more blindspots - the new user feedback

The endpoint's data on performance and stability only reflects part of the reality, because ultimately, it also depends on user satisfaction. The new user feedback simply asks the user themselves and provides the admin with a detailed evaluation, which means that no negative user experience goes undetected. 

This gives the admin a holistic overview of their IT infrastructure and its users.

Figure: View of the user feedback analysis 

Figure: Configuration of the feedback query 

Figure: Feedback query on the endpoints

Measures to improve security, stability, and performance
  • Optimisation of the battery life tracking
  • Improvement of charging times

January 2024

Measures to improve security, stability, and performance
  • Reduction of unnecessary computing processes and optimisation of performance
  • Correction of inconsistent data 

December 2023

Overview of all endpoints – and details just a click away

Keep an overview of your endpoints in future and have the stability, performance and storage details of each endpoint presented with just one more click in the new Endpoint Detailview.

Figure: All details of an endpoint at a glance in the Endpoint Detailview

Never be helpless again - the new help button is always available

No matter where you are, you can use the help button at any time to read more or contact us directly.

Figure: Help button contact window

Measures to improve security, stability, and performance
  • Resolution of a conflict in battery status calculation
  • Correction of display errors in the Performance tab

November 2023

Keep an overview of Argus licenses

To enable the IT admin to focus on improving the end user experience, license conflicts (e.g. expiring licenses) will be monitored by Argus in future and alerted to any need for action at an early stage.

Figure: An alert in the administration warns of license limits

Measures to improve security, stability, and performance
  • Correction of display errors in diagrams
  • Resolution of license conflicts
  • Optimisation of performance

October 2023

Never miss anything again: The new Notification Center

In future, outdated agents and new endpoints in the environment will be displayed directly in the new Notification Center and can also be edited directly here.

Figure: Messages in the Notification Center

Measures to improve security, stability, and performance
  • Resolution of a display error in diagrams
  • Solving a problem when filtering tables
  • General security adjustments
  • Minor adjustments to the user interface

September 2023

User experience at a glance

The Stability Score and versatile views, sorted by endpoints or applications, make it as easy as possible for IT admins to quickly capture relevant data on the end user experience of their environment.

Figure: Stability Score in detail

Replace hardware at the right time

Argus Experience allows admins to monitor all environment batteries based on metrics such as battery status and charge cycles and replace defective batteries at the right time.

Figure: Performance tab analysis view (battery)

Proactively combat crashes and hangs

In the future, IT admins will be able to immediately identify and react to stability-critical programmes using a variety of analysis options for software hangs and crashes in the Stability tab.

Figure: Analysis view of software hangs

Figure: Analysis view of software crashes

Always keep an eye on endpoint performance

Endless boot times are immediately recognised in the new Performance tab based on the boot time split and the respective trend, and measures can be taken.

Figure: Analysis view boot time

Administration made easy

The Argus administration makes administration, such as adding, allowing, deleting or even blocking endpoints, child's play.

Figure: Environment roles administration window