Mobile Content Management (MCM)

Mobile Content Management (MCM)

Mobile Content Management (MCM) refers to managing, provisioning, securing and controlling content on mobile devices. Along with Mobile Device Management and Mobile Application Management, MCM is one of the three pillars of Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM).

For example, MCM includes the management of document directories, the integration of collaboration tools such as SharePoint, and the control of e-mail attachments. Intranet access and push services to mobile devices also fall within the scope of MCM.

Documents available while working remotely

Some companies use an MCM system to give employees access important documents and information via smartphones and tablets. The IT administrator can configure the system to make certain document directories or file shares accessible for mobile use.

Secure content

The IT administrator must also implement security policies to control access to sensitive or confidential corporate documents. They can mandate that documents on mobile devices be accessed or stored only in encrypted form or a limit mobile data access to users with certain roles and permissions.