Cost Optimization

Cost Optimization

Cost Optimization

Make Optimal Use of Your Budget, Reduce Costs and Increase Productivity

The Challenge

Your IT is costing you more and more each year, but there does not seem to be any potential for savings:

  • You use lots of manpower for the manual or semi-automated maintenance of your computers and servers
  • You do not know exactly what software is installed on which computer and whether it is actually used 
  • Your IT team therefore spends a great deal of time capturing and maintaining inventory data
  • You buy your licenses according to the needs of individual users or based on what feels right.

Our Recommendation

As a first step, you should gain an overview of your network, existing hardware, and installed software.

In a second step, you should use the following baramundi modules for automated installation and software distribution:

You can read about how to go about this here. You will noticeably decrease your IT costs with the first step and create the perfect springboard to start saving money in the long-term. This will then allow you to gain an overview and make well-informed decisions about software distribution and licenses.

To free your IT team from routine jobs even further, you can optimize your administration work and license management with these modules in a third step:

When it comes to license management, we provide a lean solution for capturing data with baramundi License Management. We can also work with advanced approaches from other SAM product vendors.

The Result

Your IT team will have more time for important and productive tasks. Routine jobs are delegated to the baramundi Management Suite, and inventory data can be used throughout the company.

You can see all inventory data and licenses at a glance and: 


  • Automate the collection of inventory data
  • Supply other applications with up-to-date data at any time
  • Ideally support IT with the minimum amount of effort 
  • Optimize your license management 
  • Save time 
  • Free up valuable employees for more demanding tasks 

Optimize your costs and use your IT budget in an efficient way.