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Compliance Management

Implementing security rules and correct licensing throughout your company

When it comes to managing IT environments, ensuring compliance is no mean feat. You need to detect and eliminate vulnerabilities in order to guarantee security and protect data against attacks, and you have to monitor for correct licensing of the software used to ensure you are legally compliant and ready for audits by software manufacturers.

But this is practically impossible in larger IT environments, unless you have an automated tool to help you. The number of security gaps on all the computers that need to be continually checked is rising. And when you consider upgrade and volume licenses too, it's easy to lose track of whether all software products on all devices have a valid license.

Automated compliance management

The problem

You need to detect security gaps on the computers in your corporate environment and close them as quickly as possible. At the same time, you want to be able to find out at the click of a button whether your licenses match your software inventory, so that you are ready for any audits.

The solution

You work in an efficient, automated way that allows you to keep an overview of the situation. For this you use baramundi Management Suite and specifically these modules:

baramundi Compliance Management

The process

The lynchpin here is the » baramundi Compliance Management module, which regularly checks computers for vulnerabilities in the operating system and applications. Any detected security gaps are shown in an overview on the dashboard, so you can see the threat level of each gap. This allows you to navigate to the most risky or most frequent vulnerabilities and deal with them first.

For Microsoft products, you can use » baramundi Patch Management to add updates centrally. To close security gaps in software products from other manufacturers, such as Java, Flash, or Adobe Reader, use » baramundi Managed Software. This immediately provides you with up-to-date, ready-to-deploy and verified software packages for numerous standard applications. baramundi Management Suite tells you whether the installation of security-critical updates and patches was successful and whether all clients are now secure. In this way, you can keep an eye on the current patch status in your environment and generate reports on it.

The vulnerability scan with baramundi Compliance Management also determines whether all the necessary security standards are complied with on all computers. So for example, you can see whether users on all clients are forced to select a secure password and change it regularly. This allows you to initiate the relevant measures and check they have been successful.

For license management, there is the cloud-based » e:SAM solution from our partner amando software GmbH. This accesses the data on hardware and installed software that is gathered by » baramundi Inventory and uses it to check whether the actual stock corresponds to the purchased licenses. If a cloud-based solution is not possible for you, then you can also connect the on-premise solution "Miss Marple Enterprise Edition" from amando to the baramundi Management Suite. If licenses are missing, you can initiate measures immediately via amando and baramundi to ensure the correct licensing is restored. You can purchase licenses or use » baramundi Deploy to uninstall a product on individual clients. » baramundi AUT can tell you whether software with expensive licenses is languishing unused on company computers and can be removed without any impact on day-to-day operations. The module records the use of individual applications on computers in compliance with data protection regulations.

» baramundi Mobile Devices shows infringements of company and security rules on mobile devices in a clear Compliance dashboard, from missing apps to jailbreaks. You ensure that devices are configured securely, specify passwords, and remotely delete lost devices.

The outcome:

You ensure compliance in an efficient manner and implement guidelines throughout the company. You achieve:

  • Clear rules that apply to everyone
  • Clean, cost-efficient licensing
  • Secure configuration
  • Up-to-date systems and a minimized target for malware attacks