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Windows Migration

Trouble-Free Migration

It's not easy for companies to change the operating system of the PCs they use. Processes and applications have been adapted and workarounds have been implemented. But at some point every Windows version reaches the end of its product life cycle and Microsoft stops supplying patches. But how do you migrate a smooth-running IT system to a current Windows version? Do it the same way as so many other companies, both big and small: Make it a secure, planned, and stress-free migration!

Automated Windows migration

The Problem

Your IT system runs smoothly on a daily basis. You need to migrate securely and in a controlled manner to a current operating system. Compatibility of hardware and software and the retention of user data and program settings are naturally important to you. Manual migration entails a lot of work and is risky.

The Solution

Instead of migrating manually or combining a number of different automated programs, you use the baramundi Management Suite for fully automatic migration. Above all, use the modules:

baramundi Inventory
baramundi OS-Install
baramundi Deploy
baramundi Patch Management

The Process

With baramundi Inventory you collect all of the information required in advance. What software and what devices could be problematic with the new version and how can conflicts be resolved? A program may need to be adjusted or a device replaced. Purchase the licenses required and don't forget that during migration you will require concurrent licenses. Back up all of the user-defined settings and security guidelines. Schedule a test run to identify potential errors or gaps in your planning.

Is everything ready? You can now begin automated migration with baramundi Management Suite. During migration you can already begin to train users for the new system. The new operating system and applications are installed automatically and in original setup quality. With baramundi Management Suite you have created the basis for an efficient, secure, and cost-saving IT management solution.

The Result

You have avoided unreliable manual migration processes and updated your environment in a controlled manner. In the process you have:

  • Migrated the operating system rapidly and reliably
  • Deployed software automatically
  • Migrated user settings as well 
  • Trained users in parallel on the new operating system
  • Automated future maintenance tasks

You have minimized the risks associated with the migration and retained a complete overview at all times. Far less time is required than would be the case for manual or semi-automated migration.

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