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Energy check: 5 steps to energy-efficient IT


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The climate crisis is advancing unabated, and legislation regarding sustainability is setting ever stricter requirements. Keyword: CSRD. Green IT is thus of increasing importance in companies. If you consider the following 5 steps, you have already taken a big step towards a more sustainable future. And that also makes economic sense. 

1. Identify consumption


Those who consciously measures IT energy requirements - ideally automatically - detect wasteful devices. This applies to monitors printers, PCs as well as their operating times and energy patterns.

2. Prioritise efficiency


When it comes to hardware, a conscious selection of durable and recyclable devices supports the principle of „reduce, reuse, recycle“. Sometimes it is worth weighing up between purchasing new devices and extending the useful life of existing hardware.

3. Optimise resources


Virtualisation and cloud services can improve hardware utilisation and reduce idle times - for example, by enabling the simultaneous operation of several servers on one physical machine.

4. Reduce costs with data protection-safe reporting


Detailed reports ideally include device operating, standby and off times without collecting data on individual user behaviour.  An example: A certain printer remains in an energy-intensive standby mode outside working hours. Possible solutions then include more efficient idle states or automated shut-down modifications.

5. Design user-orientated energy policies


Energy policies should not impact the user experience. Individually adjustable settings for sleep modes and energy profiles combine savings potential and user preferences.

In short: IT has a major impact on the sustainability of a company and admins have more and more to-dos in this regard. Discover energy guzzlers with baramundi Energy Management and optimise consumption. A crucial step for your company and the planet.

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