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Features Application Control

Applications Under Control

With baramundi Application Control, the computers, servers, notebooks, thin clients and all other devices on the network will only run the applications that you have explicitly authorized. The white-list principle from baramundi Application Control takes care of this high level of controlled security. Every program on the network is securely covered and assigned with corresponding rights or completely blocked by you. This ensures that mission-critical servers remain clean. The use of P2P programs, which ensure high data traffic and can at the same time create legal problems, is also prevented by baramundi Application Control.

Simple Configuration, Secure Operation

baramundi Application Control independently identifies all applications available on the network. Access rights are assigned with a click of the mouse via the rights available in Active Directory or eDirectory. At the same time reliable users are authorized to approve applications themselves. The administrator is also informed of all steps in this case. All actions are also logged in detail. This ensures that you are always aware of who changed what, when.

From Thin Client to Server

baramundi Application Control takes over the role of protecting all computers on the network so you don’t have to. Notebooks and thin clients are also effectively protected, as are servers. With baramundi Application Control Server Edition you can apply targeted and comprehensive policies for the protection of mission-critical servers and thereby prevent expensive disruptions to the business process. The baramundi Application Terminal Services Edition prevents the use of unauthorized applications in Citrix or Windows-based terminal services environments.

baramundi Device Control provides you with a wide range of sophisticated features, for example:

White list: Only authorized applications may be run. Unknown or unauthorized applications are automatically excluded.

Automated application identification: Seamless integration into the baramundi Management Suite enables you to identify applications quickly and securely. This keeps your white list up to date quickly and easily.

Script/macro-protection: The rules for applications are applied to VB scripts, MS Office VBA and JavaScript and therefore also protect against unwanted macros.Mode

without blocking: Administrators can run and log applications and ascertain the status before defining rules.

Dispersion check: Limits the risk of malware being dispersed through local authorizations. Disables suspicious applications which have been authorized on too many PCs in a short space of time.

Scalable architecture: The extremely scalable architecture on a three-tier basis enables easy implementation, even in complex network structures.

Offline protection for computers: Saves local copies of the latest hashes and approvals on each computer. Users who, for example, work with notebooks offline are thereby reliably protected.

Supports Active Directory and eDirectory: Less administration thanks to the use of definitions in Active Directory and eDirectory. Custom reports: Customized reports in HTML, CML or CSV can be automatically generated.

Supports 64-bit platforms: Use baramundi Application Control to protect devices 64-Bit and 32-Bit formats on all current Windows platforms. 

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