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Features Automate

Drag and Drop Instead of Programming

With baramundi Automate, programming is child’s play. From the outset, you have control over your installations. You can create response files for automatic installations quickly and easily, scripts for specialized installations and administration tasks or interface controls for setup routines that are not standard compliant. One baramundi Automate license is included with baramundi Deploy.

baramundi Automate contains

  • baramundi Application Wizard: for setting up automatic installation for most setup procedures. It is the perfect supplement to Windows Installer Standard and also enables package creation with just a few clicks of the mouse.
  • baramundi Automation Studio: for easily creating scripts for administration tasks or for automating interfaces.

baramundi Automate scripts open up new opportunities for you when preparing for the installation process or accessing it. The scripts are created in the convenient baramundi Automate. They are added to the script by dragging and dropping them from a clearly organized tree structure, and the detailed options can be set accurately in self-explanatory dialogs. The scripts are also excellent for automating administration tasks, such as amending window properties, setting passwords or deleting temporary files.

Reliable Interface Automation

But not every application can be automatically controlled with response files. Instead, they need interface scripts for setup routines that are not standard compliant. You can set these up quickly and easily with baramundi Automation Studio. You still have extensive control options to automate even tricky tasks. The result: even problematic setups can be installed using the setup procedures supplied by the software manufacturer. Windows and interfaces are clearly differentiated during execution, regardless of the resolution. Even text fields and buttons can be targeted directly.

Variables Boost Flexibility

baramundi Automate and baramundi Deploy together form a perfect unit You can insert all baramundi variables into the scripts, allowing language variants, in particular client settings or setup paths to be generated dynamically from the variables per client. This significantly reduces the administration workload. You can also easily automate complete rollout scenarios.

User-Specific Settings

If you want to install a software application that is to be configured individually for every user, this is very easy with baramundi Automate scripts. These scripts are then run for each allocated user and allow access to the user-defined settings, such as the desktop or user registration.

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