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Features Compliance Management

Automated vulnerability scan

baramundi Compliance Management uses standardized rules which are maintained by recognized organizations and security firms. The checks for security gaps are based on over 15,000 constantly updated rules. The vulnerability scan by baramundi Compliance Management takes place automatically on all PCs and servers and in a level of detail which cannot be guaranteed by an IT administrator without technical resources.

baramundi Compliance Management integrates vulnerability management into baramundi Management Suite. Don't just detect infringements, now you can close them directly using the client management solution: deploy patches for Microsoft applications and operating systems with » baramundi Patch Management. With » baramundi Managed Software you can centrally ensure that numerous non-Microsoft applications are secure and up-to-date.

The solution also reviews the configuration of computers. You can thus spot deviations from the target status and quickly ensure secure, compliant settings.

According to a survey by Kaspersky, companies take 64 days on average to close security gaps. baramundi Compliance Management increases your reaction speed. You reduce the time in which the gap can be exploited to a minimum.

License management with amando e:SAM

For software asset management, the cloud-based solution e:SAM from our partner amando software GmbH is connected via an interface to baramundi Management Suite. The solution can therefore access the inventory data on hardware and installed software that is automatically gathered by baramundi Management Suite. It uses this to check whether the current stock of licenses corresponds to those purchased.

Via baramundi Management Suite, the IT administrator can also immediately initiate the necessary steps to restore the correct licenses or, for example, uninstall a software product on individual clients. baramundi Management Suite also has a solution for discovering unused software that can be removed without any impact on day-to-day operations: » baramundi AUT records the use of individual applications on the company's computers in compliance with data protection regulations.

Just like baramundi Management Suite, amando e:SAM is a German product from German manufacturers and is hosted on servers in Germany.