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Overview Compliance Management

Detect vulnerabilities automatically

Vulnerabilities or non-secure settings on individual clients threaten the security of the entire company network and sensitive company data. But it's simply not possible for the IT administrator to continually check all computers. baramundi Compliance Management takes on this task. It scans PCs and servers automatically, checking both vulnerability and configuration settings. Any security gaps or unwanted settings are shown clearly on a dashboard, missing updates and patches can be quickly deployed via the baramundi Management Suite. baramundi Compliance Management efficiently provides more » security and closes potential gateways for cyber attacks.

At a glance

  • Automatic scan of all PCs and servers for known and documented vulnerabilities
  • Compile your own user-defined rules based on baramundi scripts and carry out regular comprehensive checks
  • Automated review of device configuration settings
  • Overview in a dashboard
  • Option to drill down by endpoint or potential threat: Which computers exhibit the most vulnerabilities? Which gaps are the most risky?
  • Quickly close the gaps directly with baramundi Management Suite
  • Increases system security

baramundi Compliance Management integrates seamlessly into baramundi Management Suite. According to a survey by techconsult, 78 % of users of client management solutions would like this type of integration of vulnerability and client management.


Like all modules in the baramundi Management Suite, baramundi Compliance Management is licensed on a per-managed-workstation basis. Servers are also licensed like a normal workstation. Our » sales team will be happy to provide further information.

Checking License Compliance

For license management, there is e:SAM, a cloud-based solution connected to baramundi Management Suite via an interface that we offer in cooperation with German software manufacturer amando software GmbH. You can alternatively use the amando solution "Miss Marple" if you wish.

With baramundi Compliance Management, IT managers and administrators can address a wide variety of compliance issues: correct licensing, plus checking for security gaps in client configurations and in software. The advantage: baramundi Management Suite allows you to respond directly to compliance infringements, install a missing patch, or remove unlicensed software.

The cloud-based license management solution e:SAM is available in different service packages. Our » sales team will be happy to provide further information.