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Features Deploy

Convenient for the Administrator, Friendly for Users

Deploying software with baramundi Deploy means one thing above all: great flexibility. Command line, response file or script – you define how each application should be installed. An intelligent wizard supports you, helping you to remain flexible and maintain an overview.

You benefit from

  • Intelligent job management with accurate logging
  • Smart installation mechanisms
  • Freely definable dependencies and bundles
  • A strong drag & drop script language
  • Reusable tasks

Freely Define Installations

How do you prefer to work? In express mode with an intelligent wizard that completes your jobs in just a few mouse clicks? Or do you like to select every option yourself? baramundi Deploy gives you the freedom to choose. The ingenious job control feature lets you define precisely what a job should perform when, where and how often and how to respond to unexpected events. 

With baramundi Deploy

  • You can freely determine under what conditions software is installed
  • Define the sequence
  • Combine different applications to create a single installation package

Exploit freedom

You decide whether to perform a native software installation using the original setup method or to select a different method. And you decide to what extent users are involved.

You can inform users about currently running jobs, offer them a say in when jobs are run or have the jobs executed invisibly in the background. The integrated HTML Kiosk allows you to make software available that your users can access with ease whenever necessary.

During all processes you retain an overview of the current status and can see what has already been installed, what is left to do and where errors have arisen as well as their consequences. And as easily as you can install software on any computer, you can also uninstall programs, including unwanted programs, that were installed without permission. You retain an overview of the details of all jobs and all individual steps.

Drag and Drop Scripting Language

baramundi has developed its own scripting language that allows you to edit your processes very easily using drag and drop. Typical administration tasks can be passed to the baramundi Management Suite in a matter of minutes. The powerful scripting language is contained in baramundi Automation Studio and is available to you as a single-user license with baramundi Deploy.

Define Once – Use Over and Over

The more you work with baramundi Management Suite, the more you will benefit from its reusability. As in the other modules, baramundi Deploy allows you to reuse components and tasks after they have first been defined. Via drag-and-drop, in a wizard or event-driven from the database.

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