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Overview Device Control

Extensive Protection for Devices and Data

Data is an essential commodity for companies. Unauthorized access and lost mobile media or devices can have a negative impact on the company’s success. baramundi ensures company devices, data and files are effectively protected. In the network as a whole, as well as for VPN access and synchronization with mobile devices.

With baramundi Device Control you regulate and control the access options to data within the company. You control the incoming and outgoing data flow from and to customer devices, ensure compliance with internal specifications and statutory regulations, and encrypt any USB flash drives and CDs/DVDs safely (FIPS 140-2-certified).

At a Glance

  • Protection against unauthorized external access
  • Protection against data theft
  • Detailed settings for permissions
  • Unique authorization for specific media
  • Secure encryption for mobile media
  • Protection for online and offline devices
  • Detailed logs

Simple, Fast and Flexible to Manage

Use baramundi Device Control to set detailed rules for how to handle data and files in the company, e.g.: Who may copy what data from which device to which disk? Access to unauthorized devices is reliably prevented. You can encrypt mobile devices for secure operation and transport and thereby prevent unauthorized access to confidential data. This protects stolen disks from misuse. However, authorized users can also access their encrypted data from computers that do not have baramundi Device Control installed.

Supported Device Types

USB memory sticks, ZIP drives, PDAs, tape drives, hard disks, disk drives, modems, wireless LAN adapters, digital cameras, CD/DVD burners/players, scanners, SmartCard readers, USB printers

Supported Interfaces

USB, FireWire, BlueTooth, WiFi, PCMCIA, PS/2, LPT, IrDA, IDE, COM, S-ATA, SCSI


Like all modules of the baramundi Management Suite, baramundi Device Control is licensed per managed workstation. Servers are also licensed like a normal workstation. Our » sales team will be happy to provide further information.

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