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Features Disaster Recovery

Targeted Security for Your Systems

baramundi Disaster Recovery backs up complete partitions as a binary image. Quickly, securely and during ongoing operation without disturbing the user. You decide where and how to back up: locally or on the server, quickly or centrally. The backup files are automatically compressed, allowing you to make optimum use of the available resources.

Restore Systems Quickly

To restore data, simply load baramundi Disaster Recovery and load your backup to the same or a newly created partition. In this way, small and large incidents can be handled with standardized routine jobs.

All tasks for backup and restoration are controlled centrally via the job control features of the baramundi Management Suite. Here you define the validity period and frequency, user interactions and much more. It’s that easy to create regular backups and in the event of failure, you can fully restore the computer in a few clicks of the mouse. Do you want to back up individual files? Then the best option is » baramundi Personal Backup.


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