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Features Energy Management

Work out your energy consumption

baramundi Energy Management takes inventories of the times when a device is in use, in standby mode or switched off and determines the type of hardware used. Each hardware type is assigned consumption values which are used to determine the power consumption of the individual client. Information is therefore collected not only about computers, but also about the connected screens, and the results are displayed in clearly arranged reports. 

Reporting can be focused on groups or individual clients. This means that you can choose to display the IT power consumption for different units such as departments or entire sites.

Your Advantages with baramundi Energy Management

  • Consumption data for computers and screens detected and displayed
  • Clearly arranged reports on the energy behavior of computers and screens
  • Recommendations for appropriate measures
  • Predefined energy profiles
  • Automatic distribution of energy profiles
  • Efficiency tested and confirmed by TUEV Rheinland

Data protection regulations satisfied

baramundi Energy Management determines energy consumption in accordance with strict German data protection regulations. The working hours of devices are displayed in such a way that they cannot be used to directly establish the working habits of an individual employee.

Reduce energy costs

baramundi Energy Management provides you with predefined energy profiles which you can use to directly respond to reports and recommendations. These profiles respond intelligently to user behavior. For example, they detect when a user locks their workstation. This computer is then switched to an energy-saving profile and it goes into standby mode faster for example. As usual, you can use jobs to easily distribute energy profiles at predefined times to as many clients as you like.

Something you can count on

Here is a quick example of how you can use baramundi Energy Management to save energy and reduce costs without limiting performance.

PC system, which consists of a computer and a TFT monitor:

  • power input in use: 100W (computer 60W, monitor 40W)
  • power input switched off: 10W (computer 8W, monitor 2W)
  • power input in standby mode: 17W (computer 15W, monitor 2W)

baramundi Energy Management reports:

Without Energy Management (14 days)

  • In use: 154 hours, energy comsumption 15.4 kWh
  • Switched off: 182 hours, energy consumption 1,82 kWh
  • Extrapolated annual consumption: 450 kWh
  • Cost based on a price of €0.25/kWh: €112.50

Even just using an intelligent energy profile, which switches computers and monitors into standby mode faster when the user is away, results in significant savings:

With an intelligent energy profile (14 days) 

  • In use: 89 hours, energy comsumption 8.9 kWh
  • In standby mode: 65 hour, energy consumption 1.1 kWh
  • Switched off: 182 hours, energy consumption 1.82 kWh
  • Extrapolated annual consumption: 308 kWh
  • Cost based on a price of €0.25/kWh: €77.00

Savings: 142 kWh (€35.50)

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