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Features Inventory

Quick Overview

With baramundi Inventory all the information you need for your IT decisions is at your fingertips. Of course, baramundi Inventory, baramundi OS-Install and baramundi Deploy all work perfectly together. New hardware or software is listed accurately, even if it was not installed using the baramundi Management Suite. And if baramundi Inventory reveals unwanted software on a PC, use baramundi Deploy to automatically remove this software and to return the PC to the status you want.

baramundi Inventory supports you with

  • Hardware inventory
  • Software inventory
  • WMI inventory
  • SNMP inventory
  • Custom inventory
  • Automated license management
  • Informative reporting


baramundi Inventory automatically makes an inventory of your systems and provides this information to other modules like baramundi Deploy, in order to automatically install applications. The collected data can be easily queried via an XML interface, including for other applications like accounting or for support queries.

For a full overview of all programs it does not matter whether you install software manually, using the baramundi Management Suite, or with other management tools. baramundi Inventory automatically recognizes the software installed on clients, notebooks and servers and lists them in full.

The integrated procedures are supplemented by a user-defined inventory management. Plenty of leeway here. You can enter all data using an input screen or other databases, save it to the baramundi database or make it accessible to other applications.

License Management

baramundi Inventory makes it easy to keep track of your licenses. Reliably avoid severe penalty payments for underlicensing and reduce superfluous licenses down to the actual number of users. License your products realistically and define a user-definable threshold value that warns you of impending underlicensing in due time. And what happens if a user installs unlicensed software? Then let baramundi Deploy uninstall the software automatically.

Additional savings potential is provided by baramundi AUT as an add-on to baramundi Inventory. It identifies software that is no longer used and helps you avoid unnecessary license fees for unused programs.


The baramundi Reporting module provides you with a quick and informative summary of all data contained in your baramundi database. Standard reports about the hardware and software configuration are already included. All reports can be easily customized to meet your needs.

Helpdesk Integration

When dealing with support inquiries all the information you require is at your fingertips because the inventory data recorded in the baramundi Management Suite is also available to your Helpdesk system. This data is made available via the baramundi interface.

Data protection

Monitor your inventory, not your employees. You define what data is to be recorded when using the inventory software. As a German software developer, baramundi is subject to the strict German and European data protection standards.

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