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Features Managed Software

Perfectly Prepared

baramundi software experts take on the task of monitoring, packetizing, testing and releasing updates for many standard applications in a controlled manner. Security-relevant updates are provided promptly – fully tested and ready to roll out. All packages can also be used for an initial installation, update or uninstallation, and are perfectly integrated into baramundi Inventory. If necessary, you can also store your own data or define application usage tracking rules for software use. 

Updates promptly available

You receive detailed information about the available updates in baramundi Management Center, e.g. how critical the security gap is and what should be noted for the roll-out. You decide which updates you want to load automatically onto which computers. Before the installation, you can still adapt important parameters to your needs, e.g. license numbers, server addresses, installation location.

Using the “Release for test” option, you can deploy updates only on selected systems. This allows you to test the software for compatibility with your system before you implement a company-wide roll-out of the updates. You deploy the update automatically with baramundi Management Suite - saving time, manpower and money.

Your advantages with baramundi Managed Software

  • Software packages and patches for standard applications ready for deployment in an online database
  • Tested and checked for Windows XP/7/7x64/8
  • Suitable for initial installation, update installation including patches, and uninstallation
  • Available in German and English
  • Multiple stage release of software updates for test purposes
  • Relevant information about packages clearly presented
  • Existing clients continue to be maintained

    All updates from a single source

    With baramundi Managed Software, baramundi provides ready-to-deploy software packages, among others for:


    AdobeFlash Player
    Microsoft.NET Framework
    MicrosoftInternet Explorer
    OracleJava JDK
    OracleJava JRE
    pdfforge GbRPDFCreator

    » All products

    Other products are being added continuously.

    Is your standard software missing on the list? Please get in touch with your contact person in the baramundi sales team to let us know. 

    Note: Microsoft security patches continue to be managed and updated using your baramundi Patch Management.

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