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Overview Managed Software

Applications always automatically up to date

Up-to-date software is an absolute must in order to guarantee IT security. This concerns not only the operating system, but also the numerous applications that are used throughout the company. According to a recent study by Kaspersky, Java (Oracle) is particularly frequently attacked, as are products from Adobe (Acrobat Reader, Flash Player).

Meanwhile, the very short update cycles of standard software often result in time issues. Administrators therefore spend a considerable amount of their time and resources on routine tasks, such as evaluating new versions, downloads, packetizing and deploying software updates.

With baramundi Managed Software, you deploy updates and patches for your most important applications – checked by experts and prepared so that they are ready for deployment. You save time and resources and increase system security.

At a Glance

  • Receive software packages for updates and patches ready for deployment
  • Receive security-relevant patches in good time
  • Easily manage installations, uninstallations and security patches
  • Have all updates checked and packetized by experts
  • Free up time and resources
  • Ensure your programs always have the latest secure status

All packages can also be used for an initial installation, update or uninstallation, and are perfectly integrated into baramundi Inventory. If necessary, you can also store your own data or define application usage tracking rules for software use.

» List of all supported products


Like all modules of baramundi Management Suite, baramundi Managed Software is licensed per managed workstation. As a prerequisite, you need a functioning and licensed baramundi Management Suite 8.5 environment with at least the baramundi Deploy module. Our » sales staff will be happy to inform you of all the details.

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