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3rd Party Connections

Benefits - Customized solutions

The experience of the last few years demonstrates an increasing demand for customized solutions. Software must integrate with existing environments and be easy to expand. Using open interfaces, baramundi Management Suite enables trouble-free interaction with different products.

Helpdesk solutions

Helpdesk solutions are used in IT support for internal service consultation, IT service administration and customer support. Using the baramundi Management Suite interface, client data, e.g. the computer configuration, can be used directly in the Helpdesk tool. This means that Support can detect whether a certain PC meets the hardware requirements for the software that is installed or to be installed. The administrator can also prepare complete baramundi jobs, which can be used to install a new client or frequently used software and Support can be given access to the execution.

The helpdesk team can then resolve numerous requests, which it was not previously able to handle, using Helpdesk as a job in the baramundi Management Suite. The result: Problems are resolved quicker and the administrator is relieved of standard tasks because the Support team now deals with them.

License Management

Software licenses are virtual assets that your company spends millions on every year. These assets must be accurately recorded so that they do not get lost. 

The difficulty with this is that, in most cases, the software is procured across many points of purchase using different ordering systems. 

This situation forces every company to log all procured software licenses centrally. In addition to protecting employees from getting into trouble with the law (each installation and/or use of commercial software must be covered by a license), the financial aspects are also crucial, because having an accurate inventory of the software in the company means 

  • Updates are bought instead of the overpriced full versions, 
  • Only as many licenses as needed are bought thus preventing overlapping multiuser licenses, 
  • Contracts are concluded with the best conditions through the use of internal, directed purchasing power, and 
  • The availability of urgently required licenses is possible by shifting surplus company stock.

The aim is to ensure a legally correct approach to software licenses and installations and optimized purchasing from a contract and costs point of view.

Hardware Management

IT administrators have to manage hardware-related device properties in addition to applications and operating systems in order to guarantee security and maintain control and a good overview of all the devices. For example, it may be important to lock the USB ports, to define the boot order, or to read out whether the Wake-on LAN is activated.

Integrating the corresponding features into the baramundi client management solution makes it possible to manage clients at the BIOS level. To do this, baramundi cooperates with hardware manufacturers like Fujitsu that offer corresponding features and integrate these into baramundi Management Suite so that they can be controlled using the client management software.


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