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Features Management Suite

Lifecycle management really can be this easy. Simply define a job once using the menu controls. From this point the process runs fully automatically: whenever you like with a simple mouse click or by scheduling the task. As accurately and individually as if the administrator had performed the task manually.

Smart Management at the Click of a Mouse

baramundi Management Suite is like having a team of trained specialists at your company who can be relied upon to install, deploy and manage your hardware and software. You then benefit from optimum use of resources and greater flexibility.

baramundi Management Suite

  • Creates an inventory of the device and the network environment
  • Automatically installs the operating system
  • Equips the system with the required software
  • Deploys all the necessary patches for Microsoft and non Microsoft software
  • Manages Mobile Devices
  • Takes care of data backup and data security
  • Can be easily integrated into any IT structure
  • Shares inventory data with other applications via flexible interfaces
  • Informs you of the exact status of the entire network and individual clients
  • Easily manages complex configurations
  • Saves time and resources

Powerful, Communicative, Informative

baramundi Management Suite perfectly supports heterogeneous hardware, software, and network (WAN, LAN, VPN) environments. It minimizes the burden on the network, enabling resource-saving maintenance of devices at external locations.

baramundi Management Suite also manages your software licenses, making you best placed to avoid expensive over or underlicensing. You can also access and manage a wide range of other information and share this with other applications via multiple interfaces, from XML web service through SOAP, DCOM and CLI to SQL. This information may include locations, cost centers or inventory numbers and details like office equipment or technical literature.

Centralized Control While Staying Mobile

All processes are controlled and monitored from a user interface. The administrator is not tied to a certain workstation but can access baramundi Management Suite from a remote location as desired.

Security is of utmost importance to baramundi. All features can be enabled or blocked for particular employees or groups. Remote access attempts require a validation that confirms that the user possesses a user account in a particular domain.

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