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Interfaces: baramundi Connect

From Client Management to Company-Wide Tool

baramundi ensures excellent connections throughout your company. With baramundi Inventory you can collect any given data in the network and make it available to numerous other applications via the different baramundi interfaces. For example for:

  • License management
  • Asset management
  • Helpdesk systems

Interfaces: From XML to Web and Microsoft Office

The baramundi interfaces combine different sources and ensure workflows are capable of being automated.

baramundi recommends as interfaces its XML Web service using .NET. As a standardized solution, it is easy to incorporate into all .NET languages and also into Microsoft Office. In addition, many actions in the baramundi Management Suite can be automated for example via VBScript and Command Line Interface (CLI).

The baramundi XML Web service can be used for example to read out every desired object and to incorporate third-party software very rapidly. License management software, helpdesks and incident management systems, and workflow systems are integrated purposefully and used efficiently. The baramundi interfaces also allow you to use Microsoft Office features in order to access data using XML Web service. Current examples can be found online in the baramundi user forum.

baramundi Interfaces:

  • Standards-compliant XML, JSON and HTTPS Web service
  • Documented database
  • Automation via all common languages
  • Ever increasing number of existing connections


From Release 2014, baramundi Management Suite offers "bConnect," a modern REST interface based on HTTPS. The advantages are the secure connection by Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and the associated server-side authentication, as well as authentication of the client using access data. JSON and XML are supported as data formats.


httpMOC is a session-based HTTP interface that primarily enables read-only access to important bMS objects. The data are provided in XML format.

baramundi Management Object Language (bMOL)

The baramundi Management Object Language allows you to access all of the main objects of baramundi Management Suite by means of a standard language such as VBScript or similar. Access is based on a public COM interface so that almost any other program language can be used.


The SQL database of baramundi Management Suite is fully documented. All tables and columns and their keys and relationships to other tables are described in detail.

Web Service

The database backend of the baramundi Management Suite can be accessed via a Web service. This method allows every object to be read from the database.

Excel Export

The list views of the HTML interface can be exported and edited in Excel. Information can also be transferred to baramundi Management Suite using suitable Excel scripts.

Generic Import/Export

Most of the objects in the baramundi Management Suite can be exported and then imported to the same or a different system. XML is the format used to allow exported data to be edited as well if necessary.

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