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Modules Management Suite

» baramundi Management Suite consists of various modules that work together via a single database and a single user interface. Simply select the modules that you need right now – and add additional features later if necessary. You need only invest in the specific modules that you actually use.

Automatic and native installation of operating systems

baramundi OS-Install

No matter how complex your IT system is, baramundi OS-Install will make it simple for you to quickly and individually supply hardware with the right operating system. » More

baramundi OS-Cloning

Cash systems, training computers, initial setup for identical computers – with baramundi OS-Cloning you gain time and security. You simply use an automated process to copy to as many PCs as you wish. Despite the 1:1 copy, it is still possible to assign the correct network name individually from the outset. » More

Deploy software simply

baramundi Deploy

With baramundi Deploy you can distribute practically any software reliably and automatically, even applications for which automation was not envisaged by the manufacturer. This is accomplished with a wide range of methods and with the support of useful wizards. » More

baramundi Automate

Create scripts for software installation at the click of a mouse. InstallShield, Windows Installer, interface control or other methods – all child’s play with baramundi Automate. » More

baramundi Package Studio

With baramundi Package Studio you can configure your existing Microsoft Windows Installer packages or create new installations using snapshot technology. » More

Inventorying and Managing Hardware and Software

baramundi Inventory

What hardware do you have and what software is running on it? Are the licenses sufficient and has anyone installed illegal software? These and many more questions are answered by baramundi Inventory, the comprehensive status tracker for your network. » More

Detect and take an inventory of SNMP endpoints such as printers, routers, and switches in your IT environment with baramundi Network Devices. Read their properties automatically using SNMP Scanner and also see a graphic visualization of the network topology. » More

baramundi AUT

Are you paying too much for your licenses? Unused software on company computers can be expensive. With baramundi AUT (Application Usage Tracking), you can create powerful usage profiles for each item of software in the company and take advantage of potential savings. » More

IT Management - Simply Clever

baramundi Managed Software

With baramundi Managed Software, you always know which updates and patches are available for your standard software. baramundi experts monitor and check updates for many standard products and provide you with updates and patches that are already checked and packetized ready for deployment with baramundi Management Suite. » More

baramundi Mobile Devices

Using baramundi Mobile Devices, you can automate management of mobile end-devices and cover the entire life-cycle of a mobile device, from enrolment to remote wipe. You will significantly reduce expenditure on managing mobile devices, and ensure that mobile end-devices are integrated into your network every bit as reliably and securely as your servers, PCs and notebooks. » More

baramundi Energy Management

Would you like to know where you can reduce the energy consumption of PC workstations in your company without reducing productivity? The baramundi Energy Management module provides you with clearly arranged reports on your energy consumption and helps you to distribute energy-saving measures. So you can reduce the power consumption of your IT equipment, protect the environment and reduce your energy costs. » More

baramundi Remote Control

With baramundi Remote Control, all of a company’s computers are just a mouse click away. If users have queries or if configuration is needed, you can directly access the computer in question remotely. This allows you to resolve user problems quickly and securely, and to control your servers from your desk. » More

baramundi Virtual

baramundi Virtual makes virtual environments transparent and enables straightforward management of virtual machines. » more

Guaranteeing Security

baramundi Patch Management

Imagine having an employee who always watches out for new Microsoft patches and installs these one at a time according to your specific requirements. An employee who works 24-hours per day and costs very little. Where can you find such an employee? In baramundi Patch Management. » More

baramundi Compliance Management

Missing updates and patches threaten the security of the entire company network and sensitive company data. With baramundi Compliance Management you can scan PCs and servers automatically for vulnerabilities, which you can quickly close directly with baramundi Management Suite. » More

baramundi Application Control

Undesirable applications with the potential to do great damage, bandwidth-hungry P2P programs in the company network, spyware – there are a great number of threats out there. But with the right concept, you can take control of them. Rely on 100% security with the white list concept in baramundi Application Control. » More

baramundi Device Control

What data is allowed to be used where and in which way? In the corporate network, the overview can get lost - and with it, in the worst case important data. Keep track of media, devices, and ports and thus keep the control over your valuable data: with baramundi Device Control. » More

Securing and Restoring Systems, Data and Settings

baramundi Disaster Recovery

Defective hard disks, stolen notebooks or simply new desktop PCs – whether this is a headache or can be dealt with in just a few clicks of the mouse depends on the answer to one simple question: Have you activated baramundi Disaster Recovery? » More

baramundi Personal Backup

A new computer, great – but where are your familiar personal settings in the system and the applications you use? With baramundi Personal Backup your personal settings are just as secure as your valuable data. » More

Excellent Connections to Other Solutions

baramundi Connect

Your inventory data can achieve much more. baramundi Management Suite provides you with a variety of interfaces to other applications like helpdesks, endpoint security and asset management. » More

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