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Features Mobile Devices

Simple, Reliable Integration of Mobile End Devices

baramundi Mobile Devices lets you administer mobile devices at your company securely and reliably. Where necessary you can also include the private devices of employees that are used for work purposes. From inclusion in your system to removal when no longer in use, you have full control of every stage. You can inventorize your devices on an automated basis, transfer configurations to devices and enforce security regulations.

Straightforward Enrollment and Reliable Communication

Devices are incorporated into the administration with baramundi Mobile Devices by scanning a QR code or via an enrollment link per e-mail. To do so, you install the baramundi Mobile Agent app on the device, obtained from the relevant app store. The entire communication between the baramundi Management Server and the Mobile Devices is secured via certificates. baramundi Mobile Devices supports the use of the Microsoft Threat Management Gateway.

Cross-Platform Configuration

Configuring devices from various mobile platforms is complex and time-consuming. The same parameters must be entered in different ways, depending on the operating system. baramundi Mobile Devices offers a single user interface for just this purpose. A toolbox of profile elements that can be combined in different ways facilitates the cross-platform setup of devices, taking into account the specific functionalities of individual platforms and device types (e.g. Samsung KNOX).

Deployment of Applications and Settings

You can deploy apps on mobile devices just as easily as certificates and settings, using a comfortable live search tool in the Apple app store. You can also let users install applications as an executable job in a kiosk. This kiosk is accessed on the device via the baramundi Mobile Agent app.

Inventory & Data Protection

You keep track of all mobile end devices and their configuration. In addition to hardware configuration you can also read out operating system version, IMEI, Roaming Status (only iOS), network data, and of course installed apps. You can also read the current configuration such as the settings for passwords, encryption level, configured WLAN networks and much more.

In accordance with data protection laws, user data such as contacts, calendar entries, call lists, e-mails, etc. is of course not inventorized.

Define and Apply Security Rules

You specify the complexity and minimum length of passwords and define unwanted apps. You can apply restrictions to the use of the app store or the camera. The Compliance Dashboard provides you with an overview of the freely definable security rules and compliance guidelines. Modifications to the operating system ("Jailbreak"/"Root") are also detected. Where necessary, you can have baramundi Mobile Devices respond automatically to infringements.

In the same easy way that you integrate a tablet or smartphone into your IT, at the end of the life cycle you can reliably delete all data and remove the device from your infrastructure. For employees who forget their PIN only a few mouse-clicks are required to unblock the device again. Stolen devices or lost smartphones are no longer a disaster; you simply remove them from the network remotely. And the replacement device is automatically assigned the correct profiles and security guidelines.

For security reasons, private and company data must be separated from each other as clearly as possible. Depending on the system, this can be very difficult for mobile devices. With Apple iOS, you can remove applications or configuration profiles remotely at any time and without consulting the user. When an app is uninstalled, the data stored in it is also deleted, allowing you to remove sensitive data without also resetting the entire device. In a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) scenario, this is especially important.

For some of the popular Android devices, Samsung offers enhanced MDM support with the KNOX framework management API. This means that considerably more properties of these mobile devices can be configured by baramundi Management Suite than would be possible with Android alone. From Version 2014, baramundi Mobile Devices supports a variety of these options, allowing the administrator to securely manage these devices.

Test baramundi Mobile Devices

Find out whether baramundi Mobile Devices would be useful for you by requesting a » free 30-day full version for testing.

We will also be happy to show you live at your own company how you can benefit from the baramundi Management Suite and how you can manage mobile end devices in an automated way with baramundi Mobile Devices.

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