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Features OS-Cloning

Cloning Instead of Installing

baramundi OS-Cloning reliably provides you with an exact image of existing configurations. The module begins by analyzing the output computer. This configuration is then made anonymous using the Standard Microsoft “sysprep” mechanism.

Next, baramundi OS-Cloning copies the configuration automatically to any required number of PCs. baramundi OS-Cloning can also customize the target system despite the exact copy. For example, you specify the computer name during the copying process that the system later identifies in the network.

To install a clone image, use all boot options of the baramundi Management Server, e.g. PXE via the network.

The cloning information is archived and you can use it again at any time for other cloning purposes. Like all other modules, baramundi OS-Cloning is fully integrated into the job control and can be easily accompanied by other tasks such as patch management or software deployment.

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