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Features OS-Install

Native Installation

For all current Microsoft operating systems, baramundi OS-Install exploits the benefits of the native installation method, installed as if by hand via the original Microsoft installation mechanism. As you would expect, the "unattended.txt" control file required for each client is created automatically.

This provides you with independence from hardware and drivers, thus offering full flexibility. It also assures you full manufacturer support. Following partitioning and formatting, baramundi OS-Install installs the operating system in a single pass – including all reboots and configurations.

Intelligent Plug & Play

baramundi OS-Install offers you convenient plug & play functionality instead of complex maintenance of hardware profiles. You need only save your driver pool to the database once. baramundi OS-Install then automatically detects the components with the aid of your PCI codes and performs the installation on each client based on its hardware configuration.

The universal boot client and the integrated PXE server automatically detect new computers and adds them to the baramundi database. The boot client also includes drivers fro all network cards. If no software profile exists yet, the software to be installed later is defined on site. baramundi OS-Install uses the "network scanner" in conjunction with the wake-on-LAN feature to perform new computer installations automatically. Of course you still have the option to work with your own hardware profiles as well.

Excellent Overview

baramundi OS-Install manages all hardware and software components as individual components. You can combine these components to create any profile you like.

For example, if a driver changes, it is simply reassigned to the component and from this point on, all profiles will use the new driver. You retain an overview and can always work comfortably with the current components, which you can use again at any time.

The individual components can be conveniently re-used as necessary, and each piece of hardware can be combined with any operating system – without any extra costs or cumbersome maintaining of templates.

At the same time, the integrated license management feature provides accurate information on the status of your licenses.

Rapid, Automated Driver Loading

The baramundi driver wizard helps you to load existing drivers, for example from a driver CD supplied with a PC, rapidly and securely into the baramundi Management Suite. This means that you integrate drivers autonomously, i.e. without the need for additional assistance from baramundi or your system partner.

Fast Deployment

The lifecycle of a computer usually involves several reinstallations. Now you can fully automate this process and should you encounter system problems, you can save yourself the trouble of protracted diagnoses and repairs - just a few clicks of the mouse and you soon have a fresh, functioning system. You can then use baramundi Deploy to install all predefined applications for this computer, also automatically.

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