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Overview OS-Install

The lifecycle of a computer usually involves several reinstallations. Now you can fully automate this process and should you encounter system problems, you can save yourself the trouble of protracted diagnoses and repairs - just a few clicks of the mouse and you soon have a fresh, functioning system. You can then use baramundi Deploy to install all predefined applications for this computer, also automatically.

No matter how complex your IT system is, baramundi OS-Install will make it simple for you to quickly and individually supply hardware with the right operating system. In both Microsoft compatibility tests and independent studies, the speed and quality of baramundi OS-Install are impressive. But speed alone is not everything. With baramundi OS-Install you can install operating systems to meet your individual needs – automatically and independently.

At a Glance

  • Fully automatic and native installation of operating systems
  • Automatic detection of hardware and assignment of drivers
  • Easy to update
  • Integrated license management
  • High performance

baramundi OS-Install formats and partitions the client, installs natively and configures the system in a single operation. baramundi OS-Install does not require further intervention by the administrator.

Windows as a Service

  • Transparency by displaying the exact release levels and associated service branches
  • Elegant updating thanks to in-place upgrades

baramundi OS-Install supports all common Microsoft operating systems like Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows Server 2012(R2), Windows Server 2008(R2) per native installation. You can also deploy applications just as reliably using baramundi Deploy, which is naturally also integrated in the process.


Like all modules of the baramundi Management Suite, baramundi OS-Install is licensed per managed workstation. Servers are also licensed like a normal workstation. Our » sales team will be happy to provide further information.

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