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Features Patch Management

Fast Patch Deployment without Disturbing Users

baramundi Patch Management simultaneously checks many computers in the network for necessary patches and supplies them with all updates according to a rule-based process. Users can generally carry on working unhindered. The installations run in the background and any reboots required are combined in order to minimize installation time. And because patches can be installed from multiple file servers, the network load remains low.

Simple and Flexible Operation

Even though baramundi Patch Management functions automatically, it only does exactly what the administrator wants and allows. The software is very simple to operate and has a short learning curve. You define what will be automatically installed and when you want to be consulted in advance. baramundi Patch Management securely downloads patches from the Internet and automatically deploys them if required.

You retain an overview at all times of your patch status, can install patches for specific PCs or groups, for entire domains or locations. And when you need to uninstall a patch, this is also performed centrally.

According to Your Rules

Automatic also means controlled. You specify in detail how baramundi Patch Management should work for you. You define whether systems should only be checked for missing patches or whether they should also be installed at the same time. You release patches automatically or manually, define rules for different groups in your IT system. Give it a try!

Patch Baselines for Maximum Security

Patch baselines ensure reliable, rule-based manual patch processes. Assuming, for instance, two different administrators are responsible for server management and patching, the patching administrator can use baselines to establish precise schedules for the installation of patches and also monitor this process. He or she does not have to alter the rules for server operation but can still guarantee that security gaps are plugged in a timely fashion.

Security Through Quality

baramundi ensures that the baramundi Management Suite is of excellent quality – and that it is always available following delivery. For example, the updated patch database is made available to you as early as possible on Microsoft Patch Day. Naturally, every patch is subjected to quality management checks before being released. The baramundi Management Suite provides you with automatically checked security, from Patch Day to Patch Day.

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