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Features Remote Control

Remote Access 

baramundi Remote Control allows you to remotely view a user’s screen, while the user themselves can carry on working. This allows you to respond quickly and to demonstrate possible solutions, for example, that the user can follow on screen. Or you can take control of the remote computer yourself. 

To do this, you directly access the user’s PC. While the client needs to have Remote Control installed, the accessing computer only needs baramundi Remote Viewer, which requires no additional installation of the Management Console. 

Data Protection Included 

baramundi attaches great importance to data protection. For this reason, it is only possible to remotely access another system if either nobody is logged onto the system or the user agrees by clicking a button. What is more, the remote system displays a clearly visible window that shows that a remote connection is active. The name and photo of the employee accessing the computer can even be displayed.  The connection can be disconnected at the remote system at any time with a click of the mouse. 

Well Protected

An administrator can log on to unmanned computers and also remotely confirm the access dialog. However, to do this, they must know the user’s password. If no user is logged onto the client, a logon user can be used. This enables simple access to clients and servers using baramundi Remote Viewer. 

If a connection established by the administrator using a user name and password is dropped or terminated, the client is locked. This prevents the computer from being exposed to misuse. A lock can only be removed using the Viewer – and only, of course, if the password is known.

Integrated Solution

baramundi Remote Control is fully integrated in the baramundi agent, which also enables logons to unmanned workstations. baramundi Remote Control is therefore particularly suitable for controlling server systems. This means that you have access to all servers from your workstation and can observe, control and maintain them conveniently from afar.

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